Winter Warmth Soup & Bread Distribution to Needy Families

IMASA Klerksdorp has embarked a Soup Kitchen in Extension 24, as noticed on our previous reports we have a Winter Warmth Soup Kitchen in the winter and a Summer Food Distribution in the Summer months. This Soup Kitchen serves families who are not getting any form of income. We are having different volunteers who make the soup and then we invite these families beforehand so they bring their own containers with. We also don’t just send them home with soup and bread, but we use this means to counsel them and make them feel we even cater for them emotionally, socially and spiritually.

We have continued with the Soup Kitchen in July and August. This will be our last Soup Kitchen for the winter, as the summer months are approaching.

Donation of Chickens to Hospice Matlosana

IMASA Klerksdorp has embarked on donating whole chickens to hospice matlosana, who in their turn use it for the orphanage or needy senior citizens.

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