The South African Muslim Network (SAMNET) and the Islamic Medical Association South Africa (IMASA) have noted the recent announcements of early results of COVID19 vaccine trials.

Alhumdulillah, the unprecedented efforts of researchers and participants across the world, including many South Africans from our Ummah, over the last 9 months appear to be yielding positive results. It is with the Mercy of the Almighty that South Africa has been spared some of the devastating experiences faced by other communities and countries.

SAMNET and IMASA would like to, however, reiterate the need for caution and need for vigilance and care. Healing is at the will of the Almighty. Recent trial results, however, do not mean that the virus has disappeared. Furthermore, Safety and Efficacy of the vaccine needs to be carefully investigated and approved by medical authorities.

During the next few months, until we have achieved a mass rollout and confirmed the effectiveness of the vaccine, we all need to ensure that reasonable precautions are taken. We call on all South Africans and the Muslim community to stay vigilant and follow the medical advice and guidelines as the process unfolds. InshaAllah our society finds a new normal.

We place our trust in Allah. We need to continue to support the guidance of our Muslim Medical Professionals and their colleagues, who in the face of intense scrutiny and pressure, have provided us with the best advice at all times. We must also remember those, young and old, who have and continue to lose their lives to this virus and other diseases. We make dua for them and those who have lost loved ones, including their young children.

We make dua for the Shifa of those who are infected and for their full recovery. We also make dua and shukr for all those medical professionals and leaders who have worked tirelessly to serve the Ummah and Humanity. Allah’s Mercy is infinite. However, the virus is not gone. Let us make continue efforts to earn His mercy.

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