Revival of the IMASA Westrand Branch

On the 19th August 2016, the IMASA Westrand Branch hosted a bosberaad with the main aim of reviving the branch and alhumdulillah, we had to close to 70 Health Professionals and Medical Students in attendance. The current Westrand committee put in a lot of time and effort to present a well-organized event with delicious braai as well as informative presentations, encouraging these Health Professionals to become actively involved members of the organization.

Promoting our personal message to ALL health professionals –

“JOIN IMASA – A HOME FOR ALL MUSLIM HEALTH PROFESSIONALS” As Muslim Medical and Health Professionals, including medical students we are committed to the values expressed by the Hippocratic Oath and we believe that it is our responsibility to serve the community and to be used as a means of healing only through the Grace & Mercy of Allah [SWT]

We hope that these efforts will be recognized by those who attended as well as other Health Professionals in the Westrand region and they will see the need for them to join the organization and help us make a difference Inshaa Allah

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