Pre-Ramadhaan Health Awareness Programme 2014

A Press Conference was held at the MJC office on Monday, 3rd June 2014, to launch the Pre-Ramadaan Health Awareness Programme. A collaborative effort by Muslim Judicial Council, IMASA W.Cape and Eli Lilly Corporate. Members of the press were present – ITV, Muslim Views, VOC, Die Burger. Various ulema also attended so as to communicate the message to the masses. 4 masaajied were earmarked to host the clinics in the following areas: Gatesville, Bo Kaap, Cravenby and Lentegeur.

IMASA Western Cape was also commended for the involvement in the MJC Ramadaan outreach programmes over the past few years at the various masaajied. The MJC were enthusiastic to continue to work together with IMASA on future health awareness programmes. A regular monthly meeting with ulema was held for the entire Cape region and IMASA was invited to give input via this medium to enhancing the health and wellness of our communities Inshaa’Allah. An overview of the significance of Ramadaan was rendered by Sheikh Fattaar. Drs Junaid Akoojee and Salim Parker then gave the medical and health aspects pertaining to the health and wellbeing of the fasting patient. Eli Lilly presented the Conversational Maps for Diabetics during Ramadaan.


Gatesville Mosque Pre Ramadhaan Clinic was held on Tuesday, 4th June 2014 The morning class with Sheikh Alexander was opened with duah and Quran. Dr Salim Parker [IMA] then gave an informative talk about the DO’s and DON’T’s in preparing for Ramadhaan as well as the benefits of fasting.

It was felt that educating the mothers / wives was pertinent as the dietary habits were largely influenced by the foods were are presented with in the home / work environment. Furthermore that the elderly patients who intended to fast, should try to have a family member live with them during the day to monitor that their sugar levels do not drop to a dangerously low level. . 156 ladies aged 28yr – 78yrs were screened.

Dr Salim Parker was available to give in depth advice to patients who needed extra care. Newly diagnosed patients as well as patients who were already on diabetic control medication were also advised to speak with the Lilly Diabetic Educators who gave insightful advice. The ladies were very thankful for the service that was offered to them, Alhamdulillah. We acknowledge all the nursing and other staff who so enthusiastically volunteered their time at the various clinics.

At Awwal Masjid Pre Ramadhaan Clinic was held on Wednesday, 5th June 2014 Dr Junaid Akoojee attended to the patients at that session. And 74 patients were screened. At Craveby & Lentegeur Masaajied – +- 80 patients were screened at each venue on Saturday, 14th June 2014

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