IMASA Jhb Branch Ramadan 2018 Outreach Programmes

On the 14th June 2018, the Islamic Medical Association of SA – Jhb Branch in collaboration with the Jellybeans Education Orphan Fund once again visited the Albadr Orphanage in Lenasia, Gauteng and distributed Eid gifts to the beautiful and loving little boys who resides there.

The Jellybeans Education Orphan Fund Project headed by Teacher Sumaya Docrat was established in 2014 with the sole purpose of collecting funds to sponsor the education needs of orphans and the needy in and round the Gauteng region. This FUND allows one to direct his/her zakaat & sadaqah investing in a better future for an orphan or a needy child.

Our relationship with these boys has grown over the years. IMASA taking care of some of their medical needs such as eye tests and therapy etc and Teacher Sumaya assisting them with sponsorship of education fees, madressah fees, purchasing of uniforms etc It is her intention to offer free tution in the near future, welcoming any volunteers who are willing to give some time to these little ones.

This year’s Eid gift bags consisted of t-shirts, jeans, hoody jackets, underwear. socks and R100 cash for each child. The most rewarding feeling was to see the joy and appreciation on each and every one their faces Alhumdulillah.

We would like to thank all our donors who has generously contributed towards our projects and programmes and we make dua that Allah continue to bless you AAMEEN. For more information contact: Khashiefa Martin: +27 84 701 3208 / & Sumaya Docrat: +27 82 509 1741 /

During the month of Ramadan the IMASA Jhb Branch partnered with dedicated volunteers, such as Sr Haseena Jeewa & Teacher Sumaya Docrat and others distributed party packs and Eid gifts to children at:

Alhudaa Madressah

Baitul Ilm Girls Madressah

Madressah in Burgersfort

Jazaakallah once again to all our Donors

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