Janaaza Ghusl Guidelines in view of epidemics & HIV/AIDS

1.Avoid direct contact of fluids and secretions from the Janaaza on to your skin and mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, etc)

A. Therefore use rubber gloves, goggles, and masks.

B. Use double gloves if you have abrasions or cuts on your hands.

C. In cases where blood or fluid oozes from the Janaaza and hosepipes are used, wash gently to prevent the splashing of fluid.

1.Use plastic aprons and boots to prevent spillage onto your clothes.

2.Water from the Janaaza should be disinfected with Chlorine or Jik, before it is disposed of.

3.Disinfect linen and clothing if contaminated by soaking it in Sodium hypochlorite solution (1:10). The same solution can be used to decontaminate any other area or surface.

N.B. The HIV virus is stable at room temperature in both wet and dry states. Therefore thorough disinfection and sterilization are necessary.

The Coronavirus can remain on surfaces and will need to be
disinfected in the same manner.

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