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IMASA condemns the relative silence of our health colleagues in the Israeli Medical Association who have been complicit in the torture and abuse of Palestinian detainees and prisoners for decades. We accept their silence as approval of this illegal aggression and call upon the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate their behaviour. Colleagues, let us lobby support for the expulsion of the Israeli Medical Association from the World Medical Association like MASA was expelled during the dark years of Apartheid

IMASA Humanitarian Relief in Gaza

There is no safe place in Gaza. Gaza has been bombarded day and night since 8 July 2014 with brief periods of cease re for humanitarian relief. Since the start of these barbaric attacks by land, sea and air strikes on the innocent and helpless victims, there have been 2062 deaths including 452 children and 250 WOMEN , over 10,000 severely injured including nearly 3000 children and 2000 WOMEN .

Nearly 500,000 men, WOMEN and children were displaced from their homes SEEKING shelter in UNWRA schools, state schools and shelters, with families or drifting homelessly. The health system was severely compromised by 102 personnel targeted resulting in 19 deaths, 17 hospitals damaged or destroyed, 44 clinics closed and 36 ambulances destroyed. Medical personnel are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of casualties and their care and treatment severely compromised by the critical shortage of essential drugs, surgical supplies and equipment, beds and ICU monitors and equipment.

The civil infrastructure was also targeted with water reservoirs bombed, electricity plants damaged affecting 80% of the population. IMASA, part of the FIMA collaboration, was 1 of the first countries to respond to this humanitarian crisis. To DATE , $130,000 or R1,400,000 was transferred to Cairo for the purchase of essential drugs, rehabilitation equipment and household supplies and equipment. In partnership with FIMA, 4 convoys consisting of 30 trucks containing nearly $1,000,000 worth of essential drugs, equipment, food, clean drinking water and health kits. 1 of our PARTNERS , Doctors Worldwide Turkey, sent a fully equipped air ambulance to airlift 200 severely injured children into Turkey for specialist treatment.

Thus far, 4 teams of surgical specialists have entered Gaza to assist their colleagues. IMASA, as part of the GIFT of the Givers campaign, will also assist with specialist care. We appreciate all your contributions, large or small, CASH or duah, but we cannot stop now. We have to get at least 20 ambulances across the borders, 4 have already been delivered while a further 4 awaits clearance. IMASA has pledged 2 ambulances each worth $30,000. We therefore need R700,000 for these. In addition, the MOH Gaza urgently requires the following equipment to keep the service running:

1. X-ray machines

2. 2 x Mobile X-ray machines

3. 4 x Ventilators

4. 10 x ECG machines

5. 20 x infusion pumps

6. 10 x trauma beds

7. 2 x Anaesthesia machines

8. 5 x electric tourniquets

9. 2 x operating tables

Jazakum’Allah Khair

Drs Ashraf Jedaar/Yakub Essack

IMASA Relief Committee


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