IMASA Ladysmith News

The members of IMASA Ladysmith Branch are part of the First Aid Team that helps out at athletic events organised at the Islamic Educational Centre, which is an Islamic School that hosted its annual school athletics. This is done in conjunction with Sharaj Ambulance Services.

With the recent controversy with regard to vaccinations, the Ladysmith Branch hosted a seminar for the public. Prof Anwar Hoosen, Prof Mohsin Ebrahim and Brother Huzaifah Khan were excellent speakers at the programme. The discussion which ensued especially the relevant questions from the mothers highlighted the importance of these programmes which should be reproduced in other areas throughout the country. 

The IMASA Ladysmith Branch distributed Eid hampers amongst 82 children at the Steadville Jamaat Khana, Ladysmith making it the first initiative of its kind for the branch. Members of the IMASA were filled with joy to see the smiles on the little ones faces on receiving their IMASA designed and labelled bags. Seeing the delight on the children’s faces on finding EIDEE amongst other items in the goodie bags left everyone ecstatic. May Allah accept our efforts. AAMEEN

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