IMASA Ladysmith Branch – Health Day

A rural school in Uitval, 50km further inland from Ladysmith,was the venue of the IMASA outreach programme held in conjunction with Operation Sukuma Saku, Al Imdaad Foundation and the Department of Health.

A bright sunny day greeted the delegation on arrival and over 550 patients were seen. Cattle are the natural lawn mowers at the school. The day ended with a massive thunderstorm drenching all and sundry. The numbers proved overwhelming. The dentists were left lock jawed at the record number of extractions performed. The optometrists had double vision at the end of the day to the extent that they will return In Sha Allah in a month to finish their screening.

The medical screening under the supervision of Dr Mohamed Bayat and Matron Sha Mathadeen rendered many a hypertensive to normotensive status. Quenching thirst was an important part of the programme and this was ably executed by learners of the Islamic Educational Centre under the supervision of the principal Mr K.T. Ziyambi and Shura member Tawfik Rasool.

The role of the Al Imdaad Foundation under Ahmed Karrim and Hasan Shazi once again manifested in providing walking aids and hygiene packs to the delighted patients. The team continued to work under challenging conditions and at the end of the day everyone was a winner.

Shukran to all who assisted in making this day a success and offering their voluntary services. May Allah reward you abundantly. AAMEEN

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