IMASA Johannesburg Branch Ramadhaan 2015 Projects

Alhumdulillah, every year the need for such projects increases and many recipients are identified in the various communities of Gauteng. With the generous donations and zakat, we were once again able to provide food hampers, blankets, pillows and winter necessities to many needy families in the Hillbrow, Brixton, Fordsburg & Fitas areas.

We have found that there are many Ulooms with students, most of whom are foreigners, orphans and zakat eligible who spend their Eid on the premises of the school as they are unable to go home. IMASA Johannesburg raised funds to make up an Eid gift pack which contained a kurtah, scarf, socks, itr, miswaak, party pack, toiletries and everyday groceries. The appreciation was quite apparent with the smiles on their faces. May Allah [SWT] reward these students for their sacrifices and reward those donors who made a difference on their day of celebration. AAMEEN

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