Alhumdulillah, with the Grace of Allah (SWT) the IMASA Durban Oxygenator Campaign commenced at the beginning of August 2020.

Caring Sisters Network (CSN) Chairperson, Yasiera Mahomed-Suliman, also an active IMA member, was instrumental in initiating the campaign in conjunction with IMA. CSN and several other donors either provided the oxygen concentrator units or the funds to purchase the units.

As at the first week of February 2021 we have assisted over 240 patients.

Due to the high demand of the applications, we decided to get help to run the project. 8 youngsters were selected to assist with the administration and sanitizing process for one month. They did an excellent job of handling all applications and ensured that everything ran smoothly. On their last day of work we honored them with certificates of appreciation and gave them a braai.

The campaign will continue although the demand has decreased substantially.

May Allah reward all our donors, supporters, review panel of doctors, IMA members, staff and volunteers for their commitment towards the project.

Event was held on the 05th February 2021 at Hatton Property.

CARING SISTERS NETWORK honours IMA-Durban volunteers and staff

On Friday the 05th of February 2021 the Caring Sisters Network(CSN)  honoured the volunteers and the Ima-Dbn staff with a braai and a fun afternoon in gratitude for their dedicated service and assistance with the CSN Home Oxygen Campaign in collaboration with the IMASA-DBN branch Home Oxygen Campaign.

The IMASA National Home Based Oxygen project was launched at the end of July 2020 when hospital beds were full and icu and high care units could not cope with the demands. During the 1st wave of the pandemic IMASA Dbn procurred 38 oxygen concentrators for home use.

On the 25th of Dec 2020 CSN rose to the occasion of need to help  raise funds for more oxygen concentrators in preparation for the 2nd wave. The Caring Sisters Network has since the 25th of December 2020 to-date procurred 330 oxygen concentrators. Alhumdulillah donors to rose to the occasion of need from far and wide. We are most humbled and  grateful to all our  donors from the greater CSN network as well as  the donors of IMASA network.

Over the past months and through out the peak of the second wave the volunteers and staff at the Durban of IMA worked hand in hand with the IMA-DBN excellent medical review team (Dr Ebrahim Khan, Dr Mahomed Solwa, Dr Mariam Amla, Dr Fahmeeda Shaik, Dr Yusuf Ameer, Dr Farzana Alli) and the oxygen campaign committee/ co-ordinators (Ms Yasiera Mahomed-Suliman, Dr Ebrahim Khan, Dr AK Peer) to provide a 24/7 service to all who were in need of home oxygen.

Certificates of appreciaton were persented to all the volunteers (Mr Mohammed Paruk, Mrs Khatija Mahomed, Raees Mahomed, Yusuf Mahomed, Mohamed Salman Essop, Thabrez Khan,Dareshan Moodley ,Yaseen Mahomed Kinsey, Juwairiyyah Ismail, Humaira Ismail and Zakiyah Khan) as well as to all the Dbn branch staff ( Fahiem Mahomed,Shirin Cassim, Saliha  HaniffGcobani Khuselo Tuswa (Mike), Zaakira Ismail who dedicated their time and effort to the project.

IMASA-Dbn has to-date loaned concentrator units to 260 patients for home use.The duas and well wishes received have been overwhelming.The Caring Sisters Network has also loaned concentrator units to other branches of IMASA and our units have also gone across our borders to assist many in need of oxygen in Malawi and Maputo.

51 units are in MFH hospital triage tent facilities.

CSN wishes to place on record our gratitude to the Durban branch of IMA for affording us this collaboration opportunity. We also grateful to the IMA-Baytul Nur Trust for the venue for the braai as well as the gift and certificate of appreciation from IMABN to CSN which was handover by Dr Mahomed Mayat. Dr Mahomed Mayat also presented the volunteers with certificates of gratitute from IMA-Dbn.

Again, a huge thank you to all the volunteers,IMA staff,  our donors, well wishers and supporters of our campaign. May Allahswt accept from us and from you.Ameen.

Yasiera Mahomed-SulimanChairperson CSN

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