IMASA Durban Branch Cataract Project

The IMASA Durban Branch has been running a successful cataract project in partnership with the Mc Cord KZN Provincial Eye Hospital. Patients seen on the project come via the states waiting list as well as through the IMASA, as deserving social cases, who meet the reduced vision criteria specified by the Department of Health.

Should they come via the IMASA, they are screened by an IMASA volunteer optometrist prior to being referred to Mc Cord Hospital. In addition to the ongoing project, in October 2015 during the Eyecare awareness month, the IMASA sponsored by the Ahmed Al Kadi Hospital funded X100 cataract operations at Mc Cord Hospital, with the majority of the patients being from the states waiting list.

You see the world through your eyes and as the IMASA, we hope to continue assisting patients to restore sight and experience the visual beauty of life.

Any Optometrists who would like to volunteer their services to the IMASA Clinics in Durban are to contact

IMA Office:

+27 31 207 2250 / +27 31 208 4558

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