IMASA Convention 2018 -Feedback Part 2

Kiddies Program

This year’ s Kiddies Program was facilitated by a vibrant team of young entrepreneurs led by Ayesha Delmeida ensuring at all times that the kids were fully entertained with plenty of fun which involved; arts & crafts, creative tasks and a variety of fun games. With over 30 kiddies registered, this was a busy and enjoyable 2 days for them whilst parents could attend any talks without having to worry about their kids. So much so that many parents had to beg their children to leave with them at the end of the conference.

Entertainment included a soccer match at Discovery Soccer Park and enjoying the outdoors whilst making new friends. The evenings ended off with popcorn and a movie night. With plenty of gifts and artwork to take home the kids seemed to have had a splendid time.

We would like to thank our energetic and dedicated team who made it easier for our Delegates to enjoy the conference as many of the parents are deprived from attending conferences out of concern as to how they would keep the little ones occupied or overseen the duration of the conference.

Youth Program

Our Youth had a robust program with both fun-filled and skills-related sessions. Their programs included talks by young successful entrepreneurs, social media advantages and disadvantages and discussions around how it is affecting and impacting on todays youth. The program included a workshop and interactive discussion regards “Being a Cool Muslim.”

They also partook in a mini MasterChef activity on the premises. The activity included an ‘ingredient-hunt’ and some cool 12-minute crumpets! With close to 30 Youth in attendance, the enthusiasm and excitement were abuzz in the venue both with the Youth constantly on the go and utilizing different venues to complete their activities.

A special thank you to our team of facilitators led by the vibrant Team Leader; Sabiha who ensured that our Youth were thoroughly entertained and taken care of throughout the course of their program. Many of these Youth have formed friendships over the years at these Conventions and some of whom has grown into successful young adults, now attending the University Student Program as well as participating in the coordinating process of this event. Proudly known as the IMASA babies and continuing to build on lifelong friendships.

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