IMASA Convention 2017 Feedback

This year’s convention was indeed an interactive, engaging and inspiring one with over 300 delegates, which included Medical, Allieds, Students, Spouses, Youth and kids of various age groups. Attendance of International and National delegates together with dynamic speakers resulting in an unparalleled success.

We were honoured to host our International Guest Speaker, Professor Aasim Ilyas Padela who hails from America and is currently based at the University of Chicago. Professor Padela consummate academic with vast experience and qualifications in Emergency Medicine, Medical Ethics, Healthcare Research and he is the Director of the Initiative on Islam & Medicine. He shared his knowledge, experience and learnings that could further be explored in South Africa.

The 2-day Conference was preceded by the 92nd IMASA Council Meeting which took place on Friday, the 28th April 2017; sponsored and hosted at the Ahmed Alkadi Private Hospital. This meeting was convened to report back on the national activities represented by Executive Members from IMASA Main and Sub-Branches all over South Africa.

That evening Council Members and delegates shared a proud moment in the history of IMASA with the Ahmed Alkadi Unveling as well as the o?cial launch of the Hospital. The dinner was attended by +- 500 guests including representatives from various corporate companies and Shareholders taking in the grand décor and mouthwatering, scrumptious catering by the Chef of Ahmed Alkadi and his team.

The convention programme was quite intensive and catered for the various fields; including supported academic programmes for Doctors, a full 2 day conference for Dental delegates, parallel sessions for Optometrists and other Allied Health Professionals. In addition to the medical programme, we use this opportunity to not only network with fellow Health Professionals but to include family members, whereby co-ordinating special programmes aimed at keeping the students, spouses, youth and little ones occupied and stimulated throughout the period of the conference.

The plenary session consisted of both Local and International speakers. Prof Padela initiated the session with his talk on ‘Three Maladies of Healthcare.” He elaborated on the critique of modern medicine followed by a vision for its remedy. Dr Anban Pillay, Deputy Director General for Health Regulation and Compliance spoke on “’Healthcare Harnessing – A shared responsibility – Public & Private Sector.’’ Mr M. T. Sokucu, another international guest from Turkey, provided the audience with details on the Turkish Healthcare Model and key success points. Dr Anushka Coovadia, shared the success and learnings of the healthcare environment across various countries.

The session concluded with Dr Ozayr Mahomed’s talk regards “Healthcare Inequalities- Whose Responsibility?” . He discussed the South African data and demonstrated the progress that has been made in achieving select public health gains. Dr Mahomed highlighted that Health inequalities DO exist and needs to be addressed by tackling the root cause, addressing the social, cultural, economic and historical inequalities themselves. This set the tone for deliverance of our theme, leaving the delegates excited to see what the rest of the programme had instore.

Delegates not only enjoyed delicious treats and traditional meals during their lunch and tea breaks but also got to interact and socialize with fellow colleagues and life long friends at the social events such as; Beach Walks, the Annual Gala Dinner and the Braai. Many of delegates especially those from out of town, eagerly gathered in the foyer after Fajr Salaah to participate in the daily beach walks. With a breathe taking sunrise, peaceful sound of the waves, fresh morning air and wonderful company whilst strolling on the beach adding to the memorable experience of this wonderful event.

The Gala Dinner took place on Saturday the 29th April 2017 themed: “Shades of the Ocean” with a number of guests and addresses by International Guest Speaker: Prof Aasim Ilyas Padela, Mr Imraan Noorbhai [Standard Bank – Main Sponsor] & Mr Ebrahim Rawoot [Oasis – Sponsor].

The evening ended with a well-deserved acknowledgement of Project Manager—Suraiya Vaizie, who had had been with the Ahmed Alkadi Hospital Project since its inception and has been one of the driving forces behind its successful completion. The contributions and sacrifices made by her and her loved ones definitely will reap its rewards as this hospital continues to prosper in the future In Sha Allah. May you be blessed with only good in this World and the Hereafter AAMEEN.

Unique to the convention was the national strategic workshop facilitated by Mr Vernon Solomon, which took place on Monday the 01st May 2017. The purpose of this workshop was 2fold; 1] Identifying the key learnings from the convention and 2] to chart the consensus action plan for the IMASA journey ahead!!!!!!The discussions were beneficial and detailed and we hope to improve our services moving forward.

This event takes a lot of planning, time and effort , not to mention the support of our Sponsors who acknowledges the good work done by IMASA. An opportunity presented to them to interact with our delegates as well as promote their products and services. We wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to those Sponsors who have consistently been supporting and attending our Conventions and we hope that those who have recently partnered with us, benefit from that which we offer and will continue supporting us in the years to come. A Convention of such high caliber cannot be achieved without our Partners and deliverance of our services and projects are solely dependent on your support. THANK YOU!

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Zeenath Khan – winner of a hamper sponsored by Standard Bank & Dr Khadija Akoojee – winner of a laptop sponsored by E-md Technologies IMASA launched its new IMASA Mobile APP at this years convention and the following people received a surprise gift being the first 20 to DOWNLOAD the APP.

Winners: Ashraf Soomra, Ismail Rawat, Mohammed Moosajee, Dawood Agjee, Yacoob Vahed, Mohamed Raiman, M. I. Moosa, Faiza Dangor, Shoyab Wadee, Riaz ismail, Zaheer Essop, Sumaiya Khan, Zakariya Peer, Tabassum Hoorzook, Tasneem Ebrahim, Ayesha Khan, A.B. Mahomed, Farouk Khan, Umar Farooq Bapeekee & Ebrahim Ahmed Vahed

Last but not least, thank you to the dedicated Convention Teams who takes on this task every year and never fail to make it a huge success ALHUMDULILLAH.

Convention 2017 Committee: Solly Suleman [Convenor], Yasiera M. Suliman [Convenor], Zohra M. Khan, Dr M.C. Solwa, Zeenath Khan, Sabera Asmal, Ayesha Mahomed, Sensei Fareed Ansary, Mrs Fathima Mayat, Mrs Hawa Patel, Dr M. Mayet, Dr M. Vahed, Hawa Bibi Vawda, Fathima Abdullah, Shirin Cassim, Mahroon Sadeck, Zaakira Ismail, Fahiem Mahomed, Davinia Moola, Khashiefa Martin & Tougheeda Watson Waja

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