IMASA Cape Town Nelson Mandela Day 2019

Hygiene packs (IMASA sponsored) were distributed at a local school to all female learners with a total of 350 girls. Each girl was gifted with a lovely pack which incl; sanitary towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and face cloth. Fresh oranges were also distributed amongst the learners. Some extra stationery items were handed over to the school (writing pads, pens and rulers) for the boys to also benefit from the initiative in some way. The girls were addressed in the school hall around pertinent issues of General Health issues as well as the impact and prevalence of Teenage Pregnancies in our society. Scenarios was used to do group work to illustrate the impact of casual sex, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases had on our learners. The school was very appreciative of the initiative and welcomed the IMA’s regular interaction with the much-needed awareness in these disadvantaged communities. The school requested support with additional sanitary towels as it was highlighted as a huge need at the school.

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