IMASA Cape Town – Mandela Day Drive

On the 18th July 2016, IMASA Cape Town Branch embarked on its Mandela Day Drive in association with Radio 786 & Zimisile Islamic Society visiting the Beitul Aman Frailcare & Old Age Home in Wynberg.

About 60 residents occupy this home of which 90% of them are unable to care for themselves. Dr Irshad Moosa accompanied by Sr Tougheeda Waja Watson, went to do the handover of warm winter bedsheets, white throws for the beds in the sick bay, towels, disposable razors, antiseptic solution, baby powders as well as adult diapers. The gifts were received with warm arms and smiles. Alhumdulillah, a small step towards caring for our elderly.

They further extended their programme to include residents of the township of Langa. Zimisile Islamic Society invited 100 elderlies from Langa to attend our Saturday morning clinic session where Dr Ferial de Jong, Unani Tibb Doctor, addressed the crowd on “Using our Breathing for Physical and Emotional Wellbeing”. The Langa community conveyed how much it meant to them to have the IMASA in their community and how much especially the elderly was benefitting from the services we provided.

Hygiene packs including: toothbrush, toothpaste, anti-bacterial soap, Zamback, Vaseline, Savlon solution and a face cloth were pre-packed at the IMASA office and sent off to the clinic for distribution with an additional donation of 100 blankets by Zimisile Islamic Society.

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