IMASA Cape Town Annual Graduation – 3rd December 2019

Assalamu Alaikum

The IMASA Cape Town hosted its Annual graduation dinner on Wednesday, 3rd December 2019 at Islamia College Hall in Lansdowne. The event was well attended despite the fact that many of the graduates confirmed at the very last minute. Accessing of information from the institutions proved to be very challenging. Only 2 post graduates were reached and accepted their invitations but they cancelled at the last minute. A formal link between IMA and all institutions of higher learning was required.

A total of 69 graduates attended the event and they represented the health science faculties from University of Western Cape, University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University. We had a total audience of around 360 people, Alhamdulillah. The auspicious evening was opened with Qiraat (Juz 29, Surah Qiyaamah) by Haafith Azeezullah Rawat (UWC Complimentary Medicine Graduate). A bright colorful hall created a lively ambience to welcome our guests.

Our main guest speaker, IMA member, Prof Ghoesain Mohamed expounded on the use of Quran, Sunnah and Thikrullah in healing. Ayāt of the Qur’ān and narrations of the Prophet (SAW) relating to medicine, were shared. He explained how the Science of Tajwīd and the Science of Thikrullah were used to execute healing. Healing through the Asmā al-Ḥusnā, and through the utilization of Ruqya, were introduced. The Concept of Wasaṭṭiyyah and its importance to healing was highlighted. A case study was presented to illustrate the integrative approach using the Qur’ān at various levels of Tafsīr, and at its higher Spiritual level and combining the use of Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, to effect a cure. A very informative talk which was of great enlightenment to all, Alhamdulillah.

Three of the beneficiaries of the Renal Dialysis programme, each shared a few minutes of their journey from being refused help in the state sector and basically being sent home to die, to finding new hope at the doors of the IMA Offices in Cape Town, through the Grace of Almighty Allah SWT. Two of the patients are being dialysed with Fresenius Nephrocare in Athlone whilst one of them are with Rondebosch Renal Unit. Our renal programme has expanded from having received just one call every other month, to a few calls per day. Greater efforts for funding of Lillah patients was urgently required in Cape Town. Attendees were all urged to support the cause.

Our guests were treated to delectable meals prepared by Elegante Catering whilst Benjamin Camrudien &Co provided lively entertainment which complimented the colourful Rio theme awesomeness!!.

Our Student Address was brilliantly rendered by: UCT Speech Therapist: Zahraa Badat. The Oath reading was led by Stellenbosch Medic: Ma’rouf Sayed and the closing duah by Stellenbosch Medic: Zainuddin Parker. A proud moment for all graduates and their loved ones in the audience who watched as the 69 made their way down the red carpet isle up onto the stage to share the platform as our Muslim Healthcare Graduates Class of 2019!!! Mubarak to one and all, MaashaaAllah. May Allah SWT guide and bless them through the next adventurous chapter of their lives, ameen.

We thank Almighty Allah SWT for another successful event, Alhamdulillah.

Our gratitude to:

Our sole Exhibitor: Melomed Holdings for their continued support.

Our Corporate Sponsors: Lancet Laboratories, Pathcare and Rondebosch Medical Centre.

Our members who attended and those who sponsored tables for the aged and Langa community members who were also invited to come out to enjoy the evening with us Alhamdulillah.

Our graduates and their families for their attendance and support.

Our working committee, without whom we could not have accomplished the level of smooth sailing, Alhamdulillah.

JazaakAllah Khairan


Article by: Tougheeda Watson

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