IMA Hospital

The Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital

How it all began

“It is through the grace of Allah (SWT) and the commitment of many individuals that the Ahmed Al-Kadi
Private Hospital is now a reality” – Dr Goolam M Hoosen, IMA founding member.

It was a vision of the founding fathers of the IMASA to establish a hospital, following a discussion of this topic at a conference/AGM.

The objective of establishing such a hospital was twofold:

to promote healthcare with an Islamic ethos
to provide healthcare to the underprivileged citizens of South Africa

Two veteran executive members of IMASA, Dr MC Solwa and Mr Solly Suleman were tasked with establishing this hospital, which would aptly be named Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital, after the famed late Egyptian-American heart surgeon who inspired the founding members of IMASA to take the organisation to another level, during the early years after its formation. It is important to note that from the onset, this hospital has been founded upon an Islamic ethos that aims to promote the rights and respect of all patients, irrespective of race or religion.

It is also the intention of the Islamic Medical Association Baytul Nur Trust (IMABNT) to subsidize the underprivileged sector of the community. The commitment of the hospital will extend beyond its boundaries to surrounding communities through outreach, wellness and enrichment programmes as well as economic promotion and support.


The hospital site is strategically positioned off the N3 highway, making it accessible to patients and service providers. It is located in a safe neighbourhood within easy reach of other medical centres, hospitals and doctors’ consulting rooms. It is adequate for building a 120 bed hospital, encompassing other services and facilities including:

Emergency Casualty Unit
Day Ward
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Halaal Food
Ghusl Khanna
Staff and Visitor Parking
Staff Garden

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