GAZA Ambulance Drive

The Muslim Aids Programme based in Johannesburg is made up of the Jamiatul Ulama, Islamic Care Line and the Islamic Medical Association. The head office is situated in Johannesburg under the national management of Suraiya Nawab. This office is responsible for submitting proposals to various funders.

Over the years the IMA KZN branch has received funding from the national office. The funds received have always been allocated to specific projects and the finances are managed by head office.

The KZN project is managed by Sister Honey Allee. An administrator and three peer educators are given stipends ranging from R1000 to R3000 each per month. The IMA KZN branch pays a total of R12 170 to four workers working on this programme. Funds are allocated for catering, travel, printing, venue hire, stationery and equipment usage.

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