Free Vision Screening Project – Orphanages & Old Age Homes

IMASA Gauteng has partnered with the various organizations incl: Ruya Project with the intention of offering free Vision Screening to Orphanages and Old Age Homes in and around the Gauteng region.

The following screenings took place: Global Relief Orphanage accommodated 65 young girls who were screened by four Optometrists over a period of 2 weekends ensuring that thorough screening and case histories were recorded. From the 36 screened on the 1st weekend 10 were refracted and from the 10 refractions, 6 required spectacles.

The next screening took place at the Foundation of Love Orphanage in Ormonde Gauteng where we screened 16 children [9 boys and 7 girls – aged 5-19yrs]. From all of these fun and energetic children tested at least 5 of them required glasses.

A total of 17 boys between the ages of 5-15 yrs at the Al Badr Orphanage in Lenasia. From those screened, 3 of them were refracted and 2 required glasses.

We have also started providing these services to Old Age Homes & Frail Care Centres, where our first screening took place at the home of the male residents of Abida’s Frail Care Centre in Crosby Gauteng.

IMASA is pleased to be a part of this wonderful project and we look forward to more Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Donors getting involved and assisting us with expanding this project.

During the screening the volunteers conducted a needs analysis and also found that they desperately require Dental Care and general Medical Care, which we hope to offer in the near future Inshaa Allah. For more information about this project contact: Khashiefa Martin – +27 84 701 3208 /

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