Door to Door Visits to Vulnerable & Needy Families

Door to door campaigns are always worth doing even if we are inexperienced. It may be that someone is more willing to open their doors for a slightly lost-looking young person who knocks on their door than for a completely anonymous individual displayed on a leaflet left in their postbox.

It is one of the most time-consuming ways of conducting a door to door campaign, but it is also one of the most effective. If we come to somebody’s home, there is a much greater chance that he or she will remember us. In this affective way, we can reach out them via dawah, counseling, assistance with social grants as well as helping them to develop skills into bringing a ‘entrepreneur ‘ side out in them so they can survive with the means they have. As we have mentioned before, in extension 24 there is a population of approximately 5000.

The problems associated with direct contact include recipient’s reactions that interfere with our message and ‘recipients’ subjective feelings that are at odds with our intentions.

Door to door visits with caregiver and IMA volunteer extension 24 Jouberton (Klerksdorp) as well as Kanana (Orkney).

Our door to door activities in Jouberton Extension 24 continues as normal. Households are visited on a door to door basis and counseling, inspiration (motivation), dawah and Health Education as well as Home Based Care are being done. Sister Fathima Dire our volunteer conducts these door to door campaigns on a daily basis.

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