Bloemfontein Graduation 2018

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullaahie Wabarakaatuh

All praises are due to the Almighty and universal greetings to the beloved Nabi Muhammad (SAW).

As President of the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMASA), I was invited to deliver a motivational speech to the new Graduates at the Annual Bloemfontein University Of Free State coordinated by a stalwart member of IMASA; Prof Anwar Hoosen.

An excellent and well-coordinated function was hosted by IMASA and Members from Bloemfontein. We would like to thank the students who provided a great support and offered assistance in coordinating the event. It was very encouraging to see a fledgling medical university in terms of Muslim representation and participation.

It was a heartening site as we witnessed an increasing number of Muslim students that graduated in the Medical and Allied disciplines as well as a sister from Libya qualifying as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist – this, at an institution that previously symbolised segregation and injustice – the opposite of what Islam stands for. May Allah reward them all and grant them success in their future endeavours AAMEEN.

Sr Honey Allee all the way from Durban provided an excellent motivation of a very personal nature. She is a veteran IMASA Member and Community Worker who is extremely dedicated in terms of involvement with community service and also integrating the Islamic system within her Profession.

I was very impressed, and it was heartening to see the comraderie and the warmth within the Bloemfontein Muslim community that attended this function. It was something which the students themselves would appreciate with the recognition given to them. May Allah SWT continue to grant the Muslim students and campus activities, not only within the Health Sciences but also the broader University campus to grow from strength to strength AAMEEN.

The graduation itself was a clear indicator of the fact that our footprint as Muslims is definitely something which cannot be ignored, and we should continuously strive to improve as we show our presence within both the Muslim community and the broader community Inshaa Allah

Dr Yakub Moosa Essack
President of the Islamic Medical Association Of South Africa

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