Baytul Nur

IMA Baytul Nur: Helping to Create a Spiritually Healthy Society

Creating a healthy society is not one-dimensional. On the one hand there’s the physical well-being of an individual to consider. But equally important, and inextricably linked to one’s physical health, is one’s psychological and spiritual well-being.

It was to take care of these aspects of holistic wellbeing that the Islamic Medical Association KZN branch established its social wing – Baytul-Nur (aptly meaning ‘House of Light’)

IMA Baytul-Nur focusses on addressing the social problems all communities are prone to, as well as creating awareness about them, through the provision of well-informed and targeted interventions which deal with everything from domestic violence, to HIV Aids, marital and familial issues, substance abuse, trauma, etc.

The model adopted is a holistic bio, psycho, social and spiritual one, which ensures that issues are appropriately dealt with. IMA Baytul-Nur’s areas of operation include Overport and its surrounding areas, Chatsworth, Isipingo, Verulam, Phoenix, etc.

In addition to providing counselling, the centre trains volunteers, as well as community healthcare workers, social workers and healthcare professionals.

Statistics for 2013

Face to face Counselling – 883

Training – 545

Telephonic counselling – 990

IMA Baytul-Nur Activities and Services:

> Face to face counselling – individuals, couples (pre and post marital), families

> Telephonic counselling – 0860 786 911

> Training of volunteers, professionals, caregivers

> Social and  nancial assessments to establish eligibility for IMA renal dialysis, cataract, wheelchairs and hearing aid services as well as for  financial assistance and nursing bursaries

> Providing light refreshments for patients at state hospitals

> Prevention and awareness campaigns

> Visits to children’s homes, homes for the elderly, shelters for the abused

22 Browns Grove, Sherwood, 4091, Durban

031 2097838 /

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    My name is Rebecca narainsamy
    I need help.with my mum. Have been to.So.many doctors and medication . She cannot walk. Have a very bad consist pain in her back and tights.
    Need help

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