Annual Friends of the Elderly Event

IMASA Durban Branch

Friends of the Elderly Luncheon on 12th April 2017

Months of preparation and weeks of meetings culminated into an amazing and explosive morning – an amalgamation of the elderly in all their glory and wisdom all under one roof. This initiative was born out of the needs of the Elderly which was expressed by them so that they can socialise and mingle and taking cognisance of the fact that many old people face challenges, abuse and loneliness.

So “Friends of the Elderly” was born … Spearheaded by IMA Baytul Nur which is a Social Wing of the Islamic Medical Association of SA [IMASA] including our dynamic groups and partners, such as; Baytul Nur volunteers, Jamatun Nisa, World Memon Organization, Womens’ Cultural Group, COCA (Circle Of Care Org), North Beach ladies volunteer group, Mothers of Mercy, Sisterz 2gether, Kzn Hospital Ladies group, Helping Hands, Kennilworth Respite Centre, Al Imdaad and SANZAF.

The morning was abuzz with the elderly being transported by private taxis , buses and many generous people dropping off the old at the NMJ Islamic Centre venue. The Elderly were from different religious backgrounds and cultures. It was truly a celebration of socialising and sharing untold journeys. Many were just happy to be pampered. A well-constructed program was delivered and entertainment provided.

We were privileged to have the participation of three Radio stations namely; Radio Alansaar, a local community radio station – Channel Islam International (CII) and Radio Islam as Media Partners. Our guest of honour was; Councillor Fawzia Peer, our Deputy Mayor always gracing us with her presence and addressed our special guests, providing the elderly with safety tips . Decadent treats and morning tea was served, followed with the elderly getting free Hearing Screening , Eye Screening and Blood Pressure Screening. A dietician was available to offer her valuable advice on correct eating habits. A scrumptious lunch was enjoyed by 1260 elderly. Dessert and goodie bags were greatly appreciated by our old and wise citizens of Durban.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our generous donors and sponsors without whom this occasion would not have been possible. The shining stars were our ever-encompassing volunteers from all the organizations who always dedicate and avail themselves to assist in an event of this magnitude. We hoping that this luncheon will extend its parameters to many more elders to meet and greet, uniting the community and for the youth to appreciate and continue this calibre of work by honouring our elders. In Sha Allah

May Allah [SWT] accept our efforts AAMEEN

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