Annual Free Medical Screening at the Bosmont Fete

3rd Annual Bosmont Fete Free Medical Screening Programme

Alhumdulillah, IMASA [Jhb Branch] & AWQAF SA had participated in their 3rd Annual Free Medical Screening programme at the Bosmont Masjied Pre-Ramadhaan Fete, which took place on Saturday the 13th & Sunday the 14th June 2015.

IMASA volunteers eagerly set up the health tent sponsored by AWQAF SA and ensured that all stations providing the various screenings were ready by 09h00. The IMASA Mobile Clinic at all times on standby manned by qualified nurses and a doctor for any emergency cases during the course of the day.

The 1st station offering weight, height and BMI whereby measuring the body fat based on the height and weight that applies to adult males and females. The 2nd station being the peak expiratory flow [a person’s

maximum speed of expiration, as measured with a peak flow meter]. The 3rd was the blood pressure testing and the 4th station offered Glucose/Sugar testing. GP’s were available for final consultation to explain all the testing performed and the way forward.

In addition to this, we had a Diabetic Nurse who offered advice and tips for the month of Ramadhaan, dental screening by the WITS Dental students and seniors, speech and hearing consultation by Dr Shabiera Allie as well as HIV/AIDS Testing and Counselling by the Muslim Aids Programme [MAP].

The IMASA CPR/AED Committee [Prof Ashraf Coovadia, Dr Feroza Motara, Shokat Alli Khan & Ml Moeneeb Martin] took a moment to promote the project on stage with a CPR Demo. The aim was to encourage the community and the masjied committee members to equip themselves with the basic CPR skills provided by IMASA.

A total of +- 140 patients were screened and x15 tested for HIV/AIDS. We would like to thank AWQAF SA for providing us with the facilities to offer this service and all our volunteers who braved the wintery days with a smile on their face enjoying every minute of interaction with the community. A special thanks to the medical students who volunteered from 09h00 till 14h00 and displayed professionalism and friendliness throughout the screening.

The community of Bosmont greatly appreciated the FREE screening as many of the recipients were the elderly and praised the good work done by IMASA & AWQAF SA. We appreciate the duas made by them and hope to continue giving back Inshaa-allah.

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