Pamper the Elderly

Nabie Muhammad (SAW) said: ” He is not one of us who does not have mercy on our young and does not respect our elders”

“Footprints Coaching” partnered with Newclare Masjied, the Islamic Medical Association of SA (Jhb), Helping Hands and the World Memon Organization (Ladies Wing) hosted a very successful “Pamper the Elderly” High Tea on Sunday the 30th July 2017.

With weeks of preparation the event included a variety and specific activities aimed at benefitting the elders of the Donovan Mac Donald Retirement Centre in Johanesburg.

The overwhelming and heartfelt support of over 50 Volunteers setting up the hall with beautiful and elegant decor, collecting many generous donations and packing of gift bags had the Volunteers excited, inspired and eagerly awaiting their special guests.

On arrival of the elders, Volunteers ushered the guests to their seats and waited and served on them with great pleasure. Each of the elders were pampered with hand massages from our friendly Volunteers. Thereafter, many had an opportunity to visit the Dentists & Podiatrists from IMASA who consulted with them regards Footcare and Dental Care.

Quality time was spent whereby many of the volunteers took a moment to sit and speak with the elders and offering them assistance to and fro to the various stations. The interesting stories and the wisdom of our elders kept us captivated from beginning to end. Leaving us in awe of what they have endured in their lives and what they continue to endeavour towards.

Being the mother’s and fathers and our first teachers, we were truly honored to be in their company and found the experience a memorable and blessed occasion.

At the end of the PROGRAMME, “Footprints Coaching” thanked them for giving us the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate them. The smiles, laughter, praises of thanks was the reward of each Volunteer in attendance. As they left, the Volunteers distributed gift bags and a meal receiving hugs of appreciation in return.

The “5 Love languages” was the theme of the day;

1. Words of Affirmation: verbal compliments and words of appreciation reminding the elders that they HAVE and always WILL play important roles in Society.

2. Quality Time: Implementing the sincere listening skills and giving them our undivided attention.

3. Gifts: showering them with gifts.

4. Acts of Service: spending these hours waiting and serving on them.

5 Physical Touch: for some of them this being their primary Love language and enjoying every minute of being pampered with hand massages.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Volunteers and Sponsors who enabled us to put together this wonderful event and made it a success. With your time, sacrifice, skills, generous donations and support, we were able to make a difference in the lives of our beautiful, aged Community members.

Even the last hour of cleaning up, washing dishes and partaking in a meal together had our Volunteers smiling and bonding.

Thank you to:

1. the Committee Members of Footprints Coaching

2. the Committee Members of Newclare Masjied

3. the Health Professionals & Committee of IMASA

4. the Ladies Committee of WMO

5. the Team & Caterer of Helping Hands

6. Aunty Fatima – venue & crockery

7. Rizaan Lorgat – decor

8. Mr Joshua Ramme, Master Chip & Veg, Its Sweets, Amara Butchery and others – donations

9. AMKA Products (Mr Haroon Kalla) – gifts & gift bags

10. Shireen Davids & Yasmien Suliman – gifts

11. all our donors who generously contributed towards the cake & tea table

12. Our youth who assisted and took a moment to visit the 15 Bed ridden elders of the retirement centre bearing gifts and goodies.

13. ALL our Volunteers who sacrificed their time and came in numbers supporting this selfless act of kindness.

May all of you be rewarded abundantly AAMEEN

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