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Find out more about the organisations that are partnered with the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa.

  • Muslink
  • World Memon Organisation
  • Muslim Aids Programme
  • Jamiat Ulama of South Africa
  • Muslim Students Association
  • ITV Networks
  • Radio 786
  • Muslim Hands
  • Zimisilie Islamic Society
  • Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA)
  • FIMA Turkey Student Camp 2012
  • South African Medical Association of SA
  • Muslim Darul Yatama Wal Masakeen
  • Iqraa Trust
  • South African Muslim Charitable Trust
  • Albaraka Bank
  • Alimdaad Foundation
  • Alansaar Foundation – Radio
  • Islamic Relief
  • Ibn Sina Institute of TIBB
  • Gift of the Givers
  • Redcross Air Mercy Services
  • Minara Chamber of Commerce
  • Kenilworth Respite Centre




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World Memon Organisation

World Memon Organization partnered with IMASA National [Renal Dialysis Project]:

This project was proposed by the Islamic Medical Association of SA and accepted by WMO [Africa Chapter]. The aim of this project is to offer financial support to zakaat eligible patients and eventually assist them to get on medical aid, which reduces costs in the long term.

Co-ordinator: Dr Shoyab Wadee –

For more information contact IMASA Jhb Office:
Khashiefa Martin –  0847013208 / 0118376717 /

Muslim Aids Programme

Muslim Aids Programme:

Conducts HIV/AIDS Testing and Counselling, partnered with IMASA Branches in KZN, Gauteng, Western Cape & Klerksdorp.

Jhb: Dr Ebrahim Mahomed –  OR Dr Riyas Fadal –

Cape Town: Ferhana Coovadia –

Durban: Dr Shakira Cassim –

Klerksdorp: Zahira Elbe Jones – 

Jamiat Ulama of South Africa

Jamiat Ulama Of South Africa partnered with IMASA Jhb Branch – CPR/AED Project & the new Orlando East Primary Health Care Clinic.

Co-ordinator of CPR/AED Project: Prof Ashraf Coovadia –

Co-ordinator of Orlando East Clinic: Dr Faaiza Dangor –

For more information contact IMASA Jhb Office:
Khashiefa Martin – 0847013208 / 0118376717 /



11072011 Hi Res Awqaf Sa Logo Byline Providing sustainable solutions


AWQAF SA partnered with IMASA Jhb Branch in the Frailcare Services provided:

X6 volunteers successfully completed an Advanced Training Course with St John’s Ambulance SA. They have also committed to a minimum of 4 hours per week of voluntary service to provide much needed care to the elderly and frail in our society.

IMASA Johannesburg Branch have received generous sponsorships for their training and equipment from AWQAF SA, alhamdulillah. AWQAF has also indicated that they would like to see a frail care center being established in the near future Inshaa-allah

17b  17c

Co-ordinator of Frailcare Services in Jhb & Rental of Medical Equipment:
Dr Nazreen Motara –


pic Wheelchair  pic thermometer  Pic glucose machine

Co-ordinator of Free Health Screening programmes in Jhb:
Khashiefa Martin –





DarusShifa (The Abode of Care, Love & Healing). Awqaf SA aims to develop various DarusShifa centres that will provide services to the aged, frail, and also to other special facilities for children an women. Inshallah. For this to materialise we need the support of the broader community, business, and government.



SANZAF partnered with IMASA Branches in the Bursary Funding of Medical Students Project, the Annual Take Girl Child To Work Project & offering assistance by conducting interviews to determine zakaat eligibility.

Click here to read more about the IMASA / SANZAF Bursary Fund Project and get banking details.

Muslim Students Association

IMASA has a student wing in each region, whereby allowing our medical students to be active participants in the organization

These student are also members/representatives of the Muslim Students Association at the various universities in SA

To visit the website of the Muslim Students Association CLICK HERE –


Poster - Yusuf Talia commemorative event

ITV Networks

Coverage of IMASA Projects & Activities & partnered with IMASA, “Health Matters” Show – every Tuesday evening: 20h30 – 21h30, DSTV, channel ITV, 347.

>     Dr Shoyab Wadee – 

>     Dr Yakub Essack –

>     Shaheda Omar –

>     Programme Co-ordinator: Dr Faaiza Dangor –

Radio 786

Hosts and broadcasts IMASA Cape Town weekly health file programme on 100.4 FM. See below the web address for live streaming.

Muslim Hands

Assists with screening of needy patients who are eligible for the Circumcision programmes in Cape Town.

Zimisilie Islamic Society

Partner to the IMASA Cape Town Langa Clinic and Langa Mosque Project.

Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA)

FIMA Annual Convention 2014


FIMA Turkey Student Camp 2012

Approximately 200 health sciences students, from 20 different countries, 10 amazing days together in a land filled with history and culture, united by one religion. Alhamdulillah, three South African students were amongst this group and this is our experience.

Travelling to a foreign country to not only attend a conference and camp but to represent our own country seemed to be a daunting yet exciting opportunity. The aim and objective of the camp was to encourage future Muslim health care providers to not just be a health care provider but to specialize and be “the best Muslim, specialist, health care provider.” Through interactive lectures, seminars, workshops and activities, students discussed together with specialist in various fields of various opportunities and life after medical school. Apart from the doctors from Saudi Arabia whom lecture at various institutes, are active role players in the health ministry and have a myriad of experience and knowledge we were also fortunate to meet various key figures from Turkey such as ‘doctors world wide’ and the ‘hayat foundation’ and gain from their expertise.

The first seven days was the conference in Istanbul, mornings were spent having scientific program at a world class conference centre, while afternoons were spent having social programs and touring the historical sites in Istanbul. The scientific programs began each morning with a few students doing a presentation and report on the Islamic Medical Association of their respective countries. Alhamdulillah, the South African presentation was highly acclaimed and well received. These presentations were really helpful in sharing ideas that we could all take back to our own countries and expand and diversify the concepts. The presentations thereafter were very individualistic and gave insight into becoming a unique health professional and make a positive difference in society.

Having Istanbul as the backdrop was perfect. The Islamic history of many great scholars lays in Istanbul. Apart from the wonderful architecture we were blessed to learn the history and contributions of Muslim scientist, doctors, engineers and leaders. Of the many attractions that we visited, one that stood out was the not much talked about ‘Islamic Museum of Science and Technology.’ Here we saw amazing artifacts and model recreations of the advances that Muslims were making while the Western world was still in the dark ages. From the creation of soap to the creation of surgical blades, from writing detailed volumes of history to writing the most advanced medical textbooks, from the creation of intricate time telling machines to perfecting acoustics, it was all part of Islamic history.

The last three days was spent at the beach in the Kefken area and focused on team building, networking and getting more facebook friend requests and twitter followers. Here we got to personally get to know each other, discuss ideas, politics, family and our interests. We did not just become friends, we became brothers and sisters. We learnt each other’s cultures and traditions from the songs sung in the Sudanese battalions to the song sung at the birth of a boy in Lebanon, from the Turkish wedding celebrations to South Arabian tribal dance, from the stories of Palestine to the history of Iraq. We were even fortunate enough to taste exotic Arabic coffee and sugar soaked dates. At the end of it all, through the tears, smiles, laughter and hugs, we created memories that will forever be etched in our minds.

The rich history and culture that the Muslims gave to the world has unfortunately become artifacts which we see in the museums. Through experiences such as these and through committing ourselves to excellence, we can once again become a nation that contributes to the greater upliftment of humanity. As Aristotle once said, “we are what we repeatedly do, excellence then, is not a quality, but a habit.”

Huzaifah Khan, Safiyyah Jamal & Taimeia Hussain

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South African Medical Association of SA

Muslim Darul Yatama Wal Masakeen

Partnered with IMA Durban Branch in their Cataract & Circumcision Project.

Iqraa Trust

Dialysis and equipment for the new Malagazi Clinic.

South African Muslim Charitable Trust

Funding for the new Malagazi Clinic.

Albaraka Bank

Partnered with IMA Durban in their Dialysis Project

Alimdaad Foundation

Blanket distribution, food hampers, sandwich distribuion, homebased care.


imasisterorganisations14 imasisterorganisations15

Alansaar Foundation – Radio

Alansaar Foundation – Radio Programme

Islamic Relief

Blanket distribution and assistance to orphans.

Ibn Sina Institute of TIBB

Health education.

Gift of the Givers

International Relief.

Redcross Air Mercy Services

Humanitarian and local medical relief. 

Minara Chamber of Commerce

Facilitating awareness programmes, events etc. 

Kenilworth Respite Centre

Social assistance and respite centre for abused women.


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