Screening of the Elderly


Alhamdullah all praise to due to Allah SWT. Baboo & Crew is a small group of humble souls who from time to time plan, prepare and organise a luncheon for Senior citizens in our locality. We are not affiliated to any umbrella body nor are we an NPO. What we basically do is, among ourselves we contribute in cash and kind to provide a meal with entertainment and lots of giveaway prizes for our “Golden Oldies”.

In the recent past we hosted this kind of luncheon at 4 retirement villages in and around Robertsham area and only a few weeks ago discovered that there is yet another village in the South Rand area, hence the Saturday luncheon. On behalf of Uncle Baboo and his Crew, may I say shukrun for sending out your members with the IMASA mobile unit. This helped create a healthy lifestyle awareness and just added a feel-good finishing touch to our project.

We hope and pray to be able to continue in the future in partnership with IMASA InShaAllah

Babi Vahed
for and on behalf of
Baboo & Crew

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