Renal Dialysis Project of the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMASA)

National Project to assist needy persons afflicted with kidney disease.

Alhumdulillah, with the dedication of the committee members of this project and the kind generosity of the humble and willing donors, the IMASA’s Renal Dialysis Project was launched in Durban in November 2007; in Gauteng in October 2011 and in Cape Town in January 2014. This project has been a huge success and the main objective is to provide funds for the underprivileged patients who do not have the financial means to continue their chronic dialysis treatment regimens.

A sizeable number of our patients are Zakaat eligible whilst our Non-Muslim patients are supported by Lillah funds. A strict social assessment is done by representatives from SANZAF or a Baytul Nur senior social worker to verify eligibility of patients to be admitted to this extensive and unique programme. Dailysis costing is approximately R8,000.00 per month per patient.

At commencement of the acceptance of the patient onto the programme and the funding agreement between IMASA & the patient, the patient is required to join a medical aid fund for which contributions are paid for by the patient’s family [or IMASA if funds are available] once the medical aid becomes effective after 1 year. This reduces costs significantly in the long term and allows us to focus on new applicants in the new year. The private sector costs for dialysis are very expensive for these patients and IMASA has been fortunate to negotiate with specific dialysis units for subsidized rates.

It is our long term goal to establish a Dialysis Unit and we hope to see this in the very near future AAMEEN.

Dialysis costs are escalating and in order for us to sustain this project, we require individuals, families, trusts, business houses, corporates and others to contribute towards this worthy project. Please sponsor cash and or adopt a patient:


Patients are very grateful for this life saving opportunity offered through funding of IMASA and its donors. A special thanks to the main sponsors: Iqraa Trust SA and the World Memon Organization [Africa Chapter]

Banking Details:

Lillah Only:

Acc Name: IMA Baytul Nur Trust – Dialysis

Acc No: 62148981196

Bank: FNB

Branch: Overport – 222826

Reference – Name – Lillah

Zakaat Only:

Acc Name: IMA Zakaat Fund

Acc No: 11901105818

Bank: HBZ

Branch: Durban – 570126

Reference – Name – Zakaat

NOTE: Section 18A receipts available upon request from the IMASA Durban Office – contact:

0312072250 / 0312084558

For more information – contact:

Fathima Mahomed [Durban] – 0312072250 / 0312084558

Khashiefa Martin [Gauteng] – 0118376717

Tougheeda Waja [Cape Town] – 0217621414

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