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  • Tshwane Annual Graduation 2017
  • IMASA Tshwane Branch Cataract Camp – 07th October 2017
  • Tshwane CME – 09th September 2017
  • Tshwane CME – 20th August 2017
  • IMASA Tshwane Branch CME – 02nd October 2016
  • IMASA Tshwane Branch joins the Annual Fun Walk [Esquire Technologies]
  • Annual Cancer Awareness Screening Programmes
  • IMASA offers CPR Training – 23rd August 2015
  • IMASA Tshwane Branch Sponsors Cataract Camp
  • Annual Graduation Dinner 2014
  • Free Medical Screening Programme 2014
  • Medunsa Mass Iftaar 2014
  • Annual Graduation
  • Annual Convention 2012
  • MEDUNSA Student Initiative
  • Free Medical Screening Programmes
  • CPR / AED Project
  • Donations (Banking Details)

Tshwane Annual Graduation 2017




























Alhumdulillah, The IMASA Tshwane Branch hosted their Annual Graduation on Sunday, the 29th October 2017 at the Central Islamic School in Laudium.

With an attendance of +-30 Graduates and X250 guests…

Guest Speaker; Ml Obeidullah Bhoja offered jewels of advice to the graduates and the event aimed at celebrating the achevements of Medical and Health Science graduates from universities based in the Tshwane region.

We would like to thank our sponsors:

# 27four Investment Managers

# Ampath

# Vermaak & Partners Inc


IMASA Tshwane Branch Cataract Camp – 07th October 2017

Project coordinated and operations performed by Dr Summaya Carrim & Dr Hamzah Tayob.

City Medical donated all post op medication.

National Medical offered a good package price for lens and consumables.

Intercare gave us free theatre time.


May Allah [SWT] grant the patients good vision and reward all our donors AAMEEN.

IMG-20171007-WA0151  IMG-20171007-WA0127  IMG-20171007-WA0128   IMG-20171007-WA0129  IMG-20171007-WA0130  IMG-20171007-WA0148  IMG-20171008-WA0128   IMG-20171008-WA0129  IMG-20171008-WA0130

Tshwane CME – 09th September 2017

Invitation - IMASA Tshwane CME - 09th September 2017  IMG-20170909-WA0057   IMG-20170909-WA0067   IMG-20170909-WA0045

Tshwane CME – 20th August 2017

INVITATION TO HEALTH PROFESSIONALS  20170820_091638   20170820_093239  20170820_085905   20170820_093451  20170820_093512

IMASA Tshwane Branch CME – 02nd October 2016

edited-invitation-tshwane-branch-cme-02nd-oct-2016img-20161002-wa0024 img-20161002-wa0027 img-20161002-wa0034 img-20161002-wa0037 img-20161002-wa0038 img-20161002-wa0039 img-20161002-wa0040  

IMASA Tshwane Branch hosted a successful CPD accredited programme with an attendance of 50 Health Professionals. 

Final Programme was as follows:

Management of Diabetes Mellitus by Dr Helena Oosthuisen

Cardiovascular Manifestations by Dr Jameel Moosa

Gestational Diabetes by Dr Sumaiya Adam

Dietary Guidelines by Fahmida Mahomed

Dentistry, Diet & Diabetes by Prof Ahmed Bhayat

The Diabetic Foot by Mohammed Zaid Kadwa

Ethics By Nazeer Ahmed Ismail




IMASA Tshwane Branch joins the Annual Fun Walk [Esquire Technologies]

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Assalaamu Alaikum Waragmatullaahie Wabarakaatuh

Alhumdulillah, on Sunday the 29th May 2016, the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMASA) – Tshwane Branch joined the Laudium community at the 7km Annual Fun Walk hosted by Esquire Technologies for a “Blanket & Eliminate Hunger Campaign”. This event took place at the Rosina Sedibane Grounds.

The IMASA’s aim at this event was to provide basic screening of Blood Pressure testing, Glucose testing, BMI calculations and to be on standby for any medical emergencies.

The organizers of the IMASA pop up tent was Feroza Kalla from the Women’s Caring Forum and a few very dedicated medical volunteers. We would like to thank Zeenat Hassim, Tayyibah Dhorat, Yaseera Jagot, Juweirya Bala, Safeera Ballim, Tasmia Gani and Rimaan Ahmed. The doctors that who assisted were Dr Shabbir Tar and Dr Reezwana Cassim. The dentist from Smile Labs, Dr Nadeem Osman was present to bring dental care awareness to the crowd and distributed samples of the new Colgate 12 Pro-Gum Health Mini Toothpastes.

The screening and advice offered was well received by the participants of the walk and very beneficial to those who had general medical questions to pose to the health professionals.

As one of the volunteers I would like to take this opportunity to thank IMASA on behalf of all those who volunteered and assisted in making the screening day a successful event and for allowing us as students to be a part of this magnificent and memorable charity event. Alhumdullilah, it was a very good learning experience and opportunity to interact with the community and to also bring awareness to the services IMASA has to offer whereby affording us the opportunity to make a small difference in their lives Inshaa Allah Ameen. 

Jazak Allah Khairan 

Saima Latif Abdul 

Bsc Physiotherapy Final year Student 

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University

(Formly known as Medunsa) 

Watch the YouTube video on the Esquire/CWF Pretoria Laudium Fun Walk event:



IMASA Volunteers


Annual Cancer Awareness Screening Programmes

img-20160929-wa0015 img-20160929-wa0021 img-20150909-wa017 img-20150909-wa019 img-20150909-wa015 img-20150909-wa010

IMASA offers CPR Training – 23rd August 2015

IMG-20150811-WA008     20150823_091400_4  20150823_091322  20150823_093058  20150823_093148  20150823_113219

IMASA Tshwane Branch Sponsors Cataract Camp

Congratulations to IMASA Tshwane Branch who successfully performed X10 cataract operations on the 25th July 2015 at the Kalafong Hospital in Pretoria.

For any further information or any donations you wish to make – please contact Dr Sumaya Carrim:

082 586 9991 /


Dr Shenaaz Mahomed Ismail – Secretary of the IMASA Tshwane Branch Executive

IMG-20150822-WA037 IMG-20150822-WA036


Annual Graduation Dinner 2014

Tshwane Branch Graduation Dinner was held on Friday – 17th October 2014 at the Kit Kat Convention Centre Pretoria West. 

The guests were addressed by Mr Ebrahim Patel, a public speaker with a focus on leadership development, media and education.  A variety of annual Lifetime Awards given to worthy recipients of the community.

We would like to thank our sponsors: 27Four Investment Managers & Dr WJH Vermaak Inc. 


20141017_215059  1233328_726449820764411_4012193068724055605_n  1779917_726448887431171_1747737294483688635_n  1780772_726450804097646_2439426961715204994_n  10001347_726450014097725_3505000205249178996_n  IMG_20141017_215742  IMG_20141017_215708  IMG_20141017_215639   IMG_20141017_215902 

Free Medical Screening Programme 2014

IMASA Tshwane Branch SCREENING 22ND NOV 2014  

Alhumdulillah, our screening day was a great success thanks to Almighty Allah [SWT] and all the volunteers who sacrificed their precious time to make themselves available to do an invaluable service for our community.  It was evident that the people of the community were very appreciative of the kind and friendly service.

We would like to thank Dr Sumaiya Carrim for arranging an excellent venue. Many thanks to Dr S. Carrim, Dr Abu Bakr Gani, Sumaiya Gani and Zahra Simjee for the Vision Screening. Dr Nadeem Osman and his dental team who facilitated the dental screening and a special thanks to the medical students who conducted the BP & Glucose Screening.

+- 100 patients were screened

IMG-20141122-WA009  IMG-20141122-WA008  IMG-20141122-WA010  IMG-20141122-WA014  IMG-20141122-WA022  IMG-20141122-WA029

Medunsa Mass Iftaar 2014

IMASA Tshwane Iftaar 2014 Appeal


Alhamdulillah the Iftaar programme went off very well. It took place at Maboloko, a poor Muslim community in Brits. Dr Adil Gutta (from the Department of Nuclear Medicine at MEDUNSA), is on the board of this masjid in Maboloko. A total of 200 hampers (which was packed in buckets so they could be also used for carrying water, etc.) containing basic necessities (5 kg Maize meal, 2kg rice, 2 cans of baked beans, 1 kg sugar, 1 pack of 100 tea bags, 750ml oil & a pack of biscuits) were distributed to members of the community. Each hamper was allocated to a family.  

A meal was also provided at fast break. A scrumptious chicken akhni was prepared and we joined in with the members of the community. A total of 100 people were present for the iftaar (approximately 75 people from the community were able to make it). 

The response from the students was phenomenal as well as their participation in this project. A total of 25 people (students, their family members, IMASA Tshwane Branch guests & our lecturer Dr Michelle Roe) accompanied us for this project. We were fortunate to have Dr Shenaaz Mahomed & her family to join us again. Dr Michelle Roe from MEDUNSA, a lecturer from the Practice of Medicine department joined us as well.  

May Allah reward you all for your participation and support, Ameen. May we have many  

Jazakallah Khairun

IMG-20140719-WA0052  IMG-20140719-WA0053  IMG-20140719-WA0067  IMG-20140719-WA0070   IMG-20140720-WA008  IMG-20140720-WA003

Annual Graduation

Annual graduations took place on the 16th November 2012 at Bay Leaf Restaurant, honouring under and post graduate health science students from UP and MEDUNSA and certain members from the community. The graduation of 2013 took place on the 29th November at the Abu Bakr Siddique Hall.

imatshwane02 imatshwane03 imatshwane04 imatshwane05

Annual Convention 2012

IMASA Tshwane Branch hosted the very successful Annual Convention 2012 at the OR Tambo Birchwood Conference Centre. The conference was well attended and presented international and local guest speakers of a very high calibre. Theme: “From Education To Action” – Accredited 12 ethics points and 17 clinic points.

imatshwane06 imatshwane07 imatshwane08 imatshwane09 imatshwane10 imatshwane11 imatshwane12 imatshwane13 imatshwane14 imatshwane15 imatshwane16

MEDUNSA Student Initiative

Iftaar in Moboloka Township, outside of Brits on the 27th July 2013 / 18th Ramadhaan 1434. Hampers handed out and iftaar meal with the Muslim community at the local masjied. Student’s reps are now actively involved in the IMASA Tshwane activities and we encourage all medical students to play a core active role in their wing and to be involved in the outreach programmes.

Free Medical Screening Programmes

Blood pressure and glucose monitoring was done at the medical tent on the 29th September 2013 at the Walk For Freedom for Palestine, Erasmia Circle.  

Blood pressure and glucose monitoring will be done with eye screening in the month of August 2014 Inshaa-allah

CPR / AED Project

IMASA Tshwane Branch committee members has indicated that they too would like to get involved in the CPR / AED Project and discussing the way forward with the IMASA Johannesburg Branch. We intend extending this project to the community of Tshwane in the near future Inshaa-allah.

Donations (Banking Details)

IMASA Tshwane Branch:

>     Name of Bank: FIRST NATIONAL BANK

>     Account Name: Islamic Medical Association Of South Africa

>     Branch Code: 252245

>     Account No: 55290024302 

>     Ref: Specify reason of funding / project

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