IMASA STATEMENT from the President – 31 May 2021

31 May 2021

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullaahe Wabarakaauh

All Praise to ALLAH SWT in all His attributes and universal salutations to our master and leader, Nabi Muhammad (SAW), his family and companions (RA).

We make dua that ALLAH SWT grant Jannatul Firdous to all who have passed away and Sabrun Jameelun to their families and loved ones. We also beg and implore the Almighty to grant complete Shifaa and Aafiya to all that are ill as well as infected with the virus in the current pandemic. May ALLAH SWT protect us all from harm, from sin and from being infected as the third wave of Covid19 is upon us AAMEEN.

The numbers of infected individuals within households are increasing at an alarming rate.  Burial committees are inundated and doing a sterling job in coping with the rising number of funerals. Life and death are no doubt in the hands of ALLAH SWT and as per His Will. However, it is our responsibility to care for life and attend to illness within the capacity granted to us by ALLAH SWT. This entails that we should practice every preventative measure against being infected to protect us, our families and communities from being infected.

We remind you to kindly, earnestly and urgently take every and all precautions in this regard. This would entail hand hygiene, wearing masks responsibly and correctly as well as vaccinate as soon as the opportunity is available.The vaccine protects against moderate and severe illness with minimising the need for hospitalisation.The elderly is exceptionally vulnerable. Let’s take the greatest of care to protect our mothers and fathers by minimising their contact with infected people.

We should increase our duas, good deeds and beg the Almighty for forgiveness.  The Masaajid committees will guide their musallees as to the precautions needed to be taken.

We urge the community to exercise maximum precautions in their businesses, homes and within social contact.

The only way to break the cycle of new infections is to take the following minimum precautions very seriously: Mask at all times – especially at funeral homes and prayers, at public places and the masjid. Unfortunately, in the hotspot areas people are presently not masking at above places even though there is a call from Ulema and Doctors to do so. If we DON’T MASK in the midst of a wave – the cycle of new infections will continue every time people meet at necessary places like funerals and the masjid. 

We CAN ALL TOGETHER MAKE THE DIFFERENCE with just a few minor changes or else the cycle will continue.

O ALLAH! remove or take away from us this pandemic and save us from this evil disease. AAMEEN

Kind regards

Dr Yakub Moosa Essack [President of IMASA],

the National Executive Committee of the

Islamic Medical Association of South Africa [IMASA]

& The IMASA Media Desk

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