IMASA Ladysmith Branch hosts Health Day in Burford

The Ndalela High School in Burford was the venue for the Islamic Medical Association Ladysmith Branch Health Awareness Day on the 21st February 2016. The programme was held in conjunction with Operation Sukuma Sakho / the Department of Health, the AlImdaad Foundation, the Islamic Educational Centre and the Ladysmith Caregivers Group.

More than 350 patients were seen on the day and they were screened under the watchful eye of Dr M. Bayat for common conditions like hypertension and diabetes. A full dental clinic was provided where dental advice was given and overtly rotten teeth were extracted by local dentist Dr M.D. Vawda, assisted by IEC learner Aadila Moolla. The most popular and much needed facility was the eye screening programme which attracted the most number of patients. Ismail Sardiwalla, together with optometrists Aquila Plows and Azeema Sardiwalla, had their hands full screening patients for common eye disorders, prescribing glasses for those acutely in need and referring the more serious conditions to the eye clinic at the local Provincial Hospital.

Learners from the Islamic Educational Centre together with their Principal Mr K.T. Ziyambi and deputy principal Mr Idris Kader brought along drinking water for distribution amongst patients who had been sitting in adverse heat conditions. This provided much needed relief for the patient crowd on the day. In addition the learners also distributed 5 litres of water for later home use. Water is a much needed commodity in the area and at least some relief was provided. The funds for this noble water initiative were raised by the learners of IEC.

This programme is the initiative of the different groups and is held throughout the year with the next programme scheduled for the 15th May 2016 in an area devoid of essential services. A special thanks to the staff of the Ndalela High School for making the facility available and to all those who provided assistance to those really in need. May Allah [SWT] bless all those who helped in this noble initiative.

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