IMASA Johannesburg Branch Family Day Hike

Sunday, 28th February 2016, saw the members of IMA Johannesburg Branch and their families converge at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for the annual family day. The overcast weather proved to be beneficial for those who braved the 4km hike in the early hours of the day. The cascading waterfall provided a calming backdrop to the gardens and mentally preparing us for a tough and uphill hike.

Thereafter, we were fortunate enough to enjoy the scenic views of the green-painted parks and an opportunity to admire and marvel at the creation of Allah [SWT]. The day was enjoyed by young and old and was well spent relaxing, socializing and creating memories amidst the scrumptious meals and beautiful environment. This was not only a team-building activity but it was also an opportunity to strengthen the bond of the IMA family. Alhumdulillah.

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