IMASA Jhb, CWF & BMCO Free Medical Screening – 03rd March 2019

Alhumdulillah, on Sunday 03rd March 2019, the IMASA Jhb Branch in collaboration with CWF & BMCO offered free medical services to +-200 students from the Islamiah Bertrams Madressah. Ages ranging from 4yrs to 16yrs and many of these little ones being Refugees. With +60 dedicated medical & non-medical volunteers, we were able to offer these children thorough and quality healthcare. Sadly, many of these children and their families are not by the means to visit doctors regularly and the parents accompanying them were very grateful for the services.

We conducted the following screening: 
1. Weight, Height & BMI calculations
2. Medical assessments
3. Dental screening 
4. Physiotherapy
5. Occupational therapy
6. Podiatry
7. Eye screening
8. Speech & Hearing Therapy
9. CPR Demo with the participation of Emergency Medical students & Paramedics

We would like to thank all the qualified Health Professionals and students who came out and assisted us in making this day possible, who went the extra mile to focus on the children and assess them according to their medical needs and who offered their services with so much love and care.

Your expertise and service has made a huge impact in this community and every smile & hug received from these beautiful children was enough reward on the Dunya for the time you have sacrificed ALHUMDULILLAH


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