IMASA Gauteng – Nelson Mandela Cataract Camp – 15-18th July 2016

Alhumdulillah, the IMASA Johannesburg Branch once again facilitated their “Annual Nelson Mandela Cataract Camp” over the weekend of 15th to the 18th July 2016 where they operated on over100 patients and SHUKR successfully restored their sight.

Members of the IMASA, the Gauteng Department of Health, AWQAF SA, the Pakistani Commissioner & the Pakistani Community including the patients attended the Discharge Ceremony on Monday the 18th July 2016. This programme left many in attendance with tears of emotion, appreciation and joy at the selfless efforts and contributions of the Cataract team and the donors who are able to offer this needed service through the Grace & Mercy of Allah [SWT].

For more information about this project OR to sponsor a Cataract Operation/s: Contact Hafiz Nadeem Ahmed: +27 84 025 5257 /

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