IMASA DURBAN Vaccine Drive at NMJ Hall

22 August 2021

9am – 3pm 

Available to all, 18 years and older. 

Guidelines & Notices

  • To ensure a smooth flow of traffic, and with minimal disruption to the community, the following guidelines have been put in place.
  • Traffic will enter into NMJ from the top of Mountainview Road on Earl Haig Road
  • No vehicles will be allowed to enter NMJ from Hendry Road
  • Once you have completed your vaccination, and the mandatory 15min observation wait, you will exit from NMJ and be guided out onto Hendry Road. 


  • The vaccination process and stages have been clearly demarcated and planned by the medical team, please follow their guidance. Each vehicle will be marked with a sticker to indicate it’s place in the queue. 
  • At all times, please remain in your vehicle, (unless required to at the vaccination station) and follow the instructions and guidance of the marshalls and medical team. 

Thank you for doing your part in ending the pandemic! 


If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesititate to WhatsApp 0634775757

IMASA-Durban Vaccine Drive Thru’ in collaboration with DOH & NMJ. Sunday 22 & 29 August. Venue: NMJ Centre. Total no vaccinated 1536 Both Pfizer and J&J. Average entry to exit time: 35mins. Great response from the public and very satisfied citizens. Thank you to all our volunteers and staff.  IMASA….Reflect, Care, Heal

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