IMASA Durban Branch Celebrates Mandela Day

1ST EVENT: On Monday 18th July 2016 in keeping with the spirit of Mandela Day, the Team of staff and volunteers of IMASA Durban Baytul Nur, in partnership with the Circle of care Association (COCA) visited a local underprivileged school. Over 300 learners arrive at school daily in Winter with no jerseys to keep them warm. IMASA Durban Baytul Nur and COCA distributed jerseys to these learners . The entire school of over 1000 learners were gifted with fruit, biscuits, chips and other treats to mark Mandela Day.

Alhamdulillah a most fulfilling 67 minutes in spirit of Mandela.

2ND EVENT: Mandela Day Old Age Home Visit: After having treated kids at a primary school the IMASA Durban Baytul Nur team moved on to their next group ,the elderly and frail in our community and visited the Baitul Hifazat ladies home in Sydenham, Durban. Our mothers here were treated to some goodies , a short programme on health/wellness and hearing screenings conducted by Nabeela Patel of Patel & Suleman Audiologists. This was followed by a lovely lunch treat and interaction with our volunteers. An afternoon that really lifted the spirits of the eldery ladies.

IMASA Durban Baytul Nur Elders Morning: On Tuesday 19 July, IMASA Baytul Nur in partnership with Sparkport Pharmacy played host to the elderly and frail in the community for an educational morning. Speakers included Dr Ashiana Singh from Himalaya products, Belinda from Fora Africa and Kessie Gounden from Activo Health. Participants for the mornings programme had blood pressure and sugar level screenings done as well as being able to interact with exhibitors and have all their queries answered before enjoying some socialising with a scrumptious tea spread.

4TH EVENT: IMASA Durban Branch Baytul Nur spending quality time with the Zanzibar ladies after providing a very inspiring motivational talk – 19th July 2016

5TH EVENT: IMASA Durban Branch staff at RK Khan TB – addressing the patients with TB and distributiing blankets thereafter – 19th July 2016



“It gives me great pleasure to inform you all that Suraiya Vaize organised a Mandela Day Celebration for our clinics. I am so excited to acknowledge this wonderful gesture from Ahmed Alkadi Hospital, Management and Staff. They prepared lunch packs for all the patients at Malukazi, Marianhill Clinics and Shongweni Mobile Service. They further provided all staff of all 4 clinics and the Mobile with Ahmed Alkadi Cooler bags with luxuries. The staff were really touched by this gesture.

They also provided cooler bags with luxuries and hot dogs for 75 children at our Malukazi Clinic. These children included some of our homework club, youth club and our neighbouring creche. These children applauded the gesture and sang beautiful Mandela, thank you and other songs of praise in gratitude. The most striking expect of this Ahmed Alkadi Mandela Day gesture was the charity begins at home concept. It was also gratifying to have the entire management and staff with us, personally distributing these gifts to our clinic staff and patients. They seem to have enjoyed the children’s distribution get together most of all.

To quote Andrew the HR Manager “It would be so good to get our children come witness how the other half of the world lives and survives”. The Matron Linda was overwhelmed as were her staff of the charitable ethos of our clinics and IMASA in general. She now has offered to get involved with the clinics and contribute materially and nursing wise. Junaid the pharmacy manager has offered to take our nurses through the pharmacy orientation and education programmes. Mohamed is prepared to help our clinics with maintenance issues. Mr. Docrat as usual is prepared to help in anyway possible. Nasreen the OT manager has always been helpful in providing us with samples etc and promises to continue helping us. All the unit managers offered their help once they on their feet.

I really would like to congratulate Suraiya Vaizie for coming up with this incredible idea. I really am grateful for this magnificent outpouring of help from Ahmed Alkadi. I was personally brought to tears by the beneficence of this entire project. To finish off the gesture Solly Suleman presented me with a beautiful gift from Ahmed Alkadi after thanking me for leading the clinic through the years. I have no words to express my gratitude to everyone involved in this unbelievable gesture of sharing, caring and humanity. Jazakalah and may Allah SWT grow you all from strength to strength and may Ahmed Alkadi Hospital become a beacon of hope for all our patients and well wishes. Salaams and Duas.”

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