IMASA Convention 2018 -Feedback Part 1


The IMASA Convention 2018 was without a doubt a memorable event, hosted in Gauteng at the Wanderers Club Conference Centre on the 27th & 28th April 2018. Robust and exhilarating with the calibre of talks presented and breaking boundaries in many ways. This years conference offered X16 Clinics & X3 Ethics points for 2 full days of conferencing.

Our international guests; Sheikh Nuruddeen Lemu and his wife Sr Salatu Sule from Nigeria were exceptional and invigorating in all of their talks, often presenting to fully packed venues. A dynamic couple with outstanding qualities, beautiful characters and true humility, blessed with an extensive amount of Islamic knowledge and Academic excellence. The presentations, discussions and interaction with Sheikh Lemu & Sr Sule left the Delegates spiritually uplifted, well informed and wanting more.

This year’s Academic Program commences with a beautiful Quraan recital from Qari Zakaria Tamimu followed by a number of excellent local speakers focussing on a variety of interesting and thought provoking medical related topics and catering for Dental, Optometry and Allied Health Professionals. Our theme being: “Discovering the Muslim Health Professional” aimed at tapping into the spiritual development and well-being of our Health Professionals and discussing many other topics of interest such as the latest technological advances, medical progress in healthcare and transformations facing our tertiary institutions.

We were honoured to host close to eighty speakers and facilitators contributing to a wide array of topics and workshops. A number of ethical issues and controversial topics were raised and these discussions provided insight and allowed a platform for debate, bringing light to many of these topics and riveting discussions and positive input from our Delegates.

Integrated Sessions / Allied Program

For the  rst time, the IMASA convention hosted an integrated program suitable for ALL medical professionals, especially suited for ALLIED Health Workers. These sessions were themed in areas of Technology, Early Childhood Intervention and Celebrating the Elderly. Our Technology session commenced with a talk on Verification of Information from an Islamic perspective by Sheikh Lemu. The session also discussed challenges and changes faced at a tertiary level with regard to technology. The ECI session included talks on Early Detection of Focal Seizures, as well as research articles in the field of ECI and it’s challenges. Celebrating the Elderly was well received with various talks regarding nutrition, prescribing medication and the Role of Caregivers in the Elderly.

Etiquettes of dealing with the Elderly was an interesting and refreshing talk presented by Sheikh Salem Salama. We had close to sixty [60] registered Allied Professionals who attended our convention this year, a first for IMASA… We hope this is the beginning of more Allieds become actively involved in the number of projects and programmes coordinated by IMASA and focussing and assisting the IMASA to reach the vast database of Allieds in South Africa and benefitting them through the organization.

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