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  • IMASA Cape Town Branch participates at the Annual Sunfoil Big Walk
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IMASA Capetwn – Nelson Mandela Day – July 2018

In honour of Nelson Mandela Day, our IMASA Cape Town Branch in association with Zimisile Trust distributed food and blankets to the elderly at Langa Clinic & Masjid Alhumdulillah

IMASA making a difference in the community


Sheikh Nuruddeen Lemu & Sr Salatu Sule’s hosted by IMASA Cape Twn


IMASA Cape Town Branch – DONATE NOW!!!!!! Gaza Relief


IMASA Cape Town Branch – New Family Practice

Congratulations is in order to our IMASA Cape Town who has recently acquired the Gatesville Family Practice and has been trading under IMA banner since the 01st June 2018.
Physical Address: 1-10 Gatesville Shopping Centre, Klipfontein Rd, Rylands Estate, Cape Town

May Allah SWT grant complete success in this venture and continue to use this Branch for his work and services unto mankind AAMEEN


IMASA Cape Town Branch CME – Informative Living – 26th May 2018

The IMA Western Cape in collaboration with Al Ikhlaas Academia Library hosted a CPD Accredited Ethics Seminar entitled: Transformative Living, on Saturday, 26th May 2018 10th Ramadaan 1439.

Our guest speaker was Imam Afroz Allie, who hails from Sydney, Australia. Afroz Ali had been a scholar in Islamic sciences and had established educational facilities globally. He has also taught consecutively over 7 years at the yearly Deen Intensive Program. He has lectured on Islam as well its perspectives on the environment, economics, ethics, leadership and various other topics in academic university settings as well as in Traditional Islamic learning programs.

He explained that Psychology as a science had a primary objective of understanding human nature and ethical living. Its modern application was often only addressed in therapy and healing, yet its overriding source of benefit was in nurturing wellbeing that would result in a sound society.

Human nature was not only a study for psychology, but also for moral ethics.

This “Power of Purpose” seminar addressed such an overriding benefit, by introducing key concepts on how our very existence was founded on purpose (Maqsad), that we all were unique individuals and endowed with particular blessings seen in our character traits, that if discovered, nurtured and lived, we could pursue a life of ethical living through the best versions (Ihsan) of ourselves.

Imam Afroz delivered a very eloquent inspiring talk and entertained question and answers at the end his presentation.

The workshop was well attended by IMA members as well as other professionals, Alhamdulillah.


IMASA Cape Town Branch Day Zero Seminar – 10th March 2018

IMASA Cape Town Branch Annual Graduation 2017

The Cape Town Branch of the Islamic Medical Association of SA [IMASA] held its Annual Graduation & Fundraising Dinner on, Thursday, 14th Dec 2017 at Islamia College Hall in Lansdowne.

The event has reached iconic status and we were again faced with the healthy situation where the last-minute demand for tickets exceeding our initial estimates.

As usual, all faculties from a number of universities were represented. IMA made sure that each and every graduate, whether receiving their first or advanced specialist qualification, was made to feel equally honoured and special, and were introduced to the special community that the organization is trying to foster.

The value of serving the community unconditionally was reiterated throughout the evening and the guest of honour, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman [Gift Of The Givers], emphasized this point with a presentation that simultaneously stunned and inspired the audience.

The evening commenced with a presentation of the current projects that the branch was involved in. These included the Langa Clinic and Renal Dialysis Programme. An attempt was made to translate the projects’ impact into measurable and visible outcomes and we therefore had recipients of the IMA’s interventions and assistance, relating their stories. It made for a refreshingly real viewpoint instead of the usual statistics of how many patients were treated and the funds disbursed. As usual, it was empahsised that the skills of everyone could be utilized in the IMA, from Social Workers, Dietitians, Psychologists, Dentists to Specialist Nephrologists.

The IMA is a multi-storied welcoming building with all doors wide open; all it needs is for graduates and current students to enter.

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman delivered a riveting talk of how the organization [Gift Of The Givers] started and the progress they have made from evolving from initially assisting in disaster zones from a medical and relief perspective to a fully-fledged humanitarian organization. Many in the audience had teary eyes as he recounted their voluntary work as medical and auxiliary workers, search and rescue teams in disaster areas such as post earthquake Haiti, current work in Syria and in hostage negotiations. He related some incredibly moving stories of the people and mere humans behind all the work that they do. His take home messages were that there is a place for everyone to serve on a voluntary basis, how every little effort counts and that working in extreme conditions brings out innovative ways of adapting in order to serve to the best of a one’s ability.

The realism brought into perspective what the achievements of the graduates could in some way or the other be put to good use for. This proud sense of achievement, and of course of camaraderie and of old friends meeting again reverberated throughout the evening.

After the capping ceremony, the graduates taking the Oath of the Muslim Healthcare Professional, and the other formalities, families and friends mingled till late into the night taking photographs and discussing their futures. Some of the IMA members could exchange ideas and offer guidance to some of the graduates. Insha-Allah, many of them would embrace the values of the IMA and serve the Ummah in whatever way they can.

Our best wishes accompany the newly qualified healthcare professionals, Class of 2017, Mubarak!



Pink Hijaab Day November 2017

The Islamic Medical Association( IMA) Cape Town Branch collaborated once again with the Voice of the Cape at their annual Pink Hijab Day. It’s an annual event promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. The IMA provided the medical assistance with manual breast examinations.  
Sister Galiema Fish, the breast cancer coordinator at Groote Schuur Hospital, delivered an excellent talk, emphasising the importance of early breast cancer detection. She informed the audience about the risk factors and early warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer.
Our team of dedicated volunteers screened a total of 142 women, Alhamdullilah.  Abnormalities were detected in 8. Referrals to investigate the abnormal lesions were made to Groote Schuur Hospital. A large proportion of women, in whom it was indicated,  were referred for screening mammograms. Confirmatory results are still awaited.
May the Almighty reward our volunteers for their selfless efforts Insha Allah. 
It was an amazing and rewarding event!! We look forward to assisting in future awareness initiatives Insha Allah.

IMG-20171124-WA0028  IMG-20171124-WA0032  IMG-20171124-WA0031

IMASA Cape Town Luncheon – 25th September 2017



IMASA Luncheon Invitation - 25th September 2017  IMG-20170925-WA0027   IMG-20170925-WA0026   IMG-20170925-WA0042  IMG-20170925-WA0039

IMASA Cape Town CME & AGM – 19th August 2017

IMA Western Cape hosted a Reproductive Health CPD Seminar in conjunction with its Annual General Meeting, on Saturday, 19thAugust 2017. Melomed Private Hospitals provided us with their conference venue and catering, at their beautiful, new hospital in Tokai.

Our guest speakers included Dr Naseema Barday a GP with Reproductive Medicine Hons and a keen interest in female health, dealt with Polycstic Ovarian Syndrome in General Practice: Diagnosis and Management. Dr Olufemi Olarogun, Obstetrician, Gynae and Reproductive Health Specialist, presented on Fibroids and Fertility. Dr Sulaiman Heylen, Obstetrician, Gynae and Reproductive Health Specialist who specialises in reproductive surgery, dealt with Third Party Reproduction in SA: Medical, Legal & Ethical Considerations. Dr Heylen also provided the Islamic perspective in that regard. Dr Bavanisha Vythilingum, psychiatrist, dealt with Anti-depressants and fertility.

A very informative session which kept our delegates gripped for the afternoon, Alhamdulillah.

The AGM was conducted midway through the seminar. The outgoing Chairman’s Report was read and his apologies tendered for his absence as he was overseas at the time of the meeting. The Treasurer provided an overview of the current financial status of the branch. Members were urged to kindly pay up their fees as a matter of urgency. Everyone was encouraged to donate generously towards the local projects, including Renal Dialysis and Langa Clinic.

Prof A.W. Barday was appointed as the electoral officer to officiate the election process.

Our newly elected committee is:  Dr Riaz Ismail (Chairman), Dr Naseema Barday (Vice Chairman), Dr Shams Imamdin (Treasurer) and Dr Shamim Sonday (Secretary).

Our sincere thanks to all who participated and made the event a success Alhamdulillah.  All delegates who attended received an IMA peak cap as a token of appreciation. Total of 51 in attendance.

CME Electronic Poster - IMASA Cape Town  DSC03864      DSC03863  DSC03867   DSC03865  DSC03868

IMASA Cape Town Branch Madiba Day 2017

IMASA Western Cape partnered with Zimisile Trust distributed blankets and hygiene packs to the elderly and needy residents of Langa on Saturday, 22 July 2017 as our Madiba Day Initiative.

Hygiene packs were prepared at the IMA office with the help of medical student, Aakifah Parker.

192 packs included: Dettol; Antibacterial Soap; Toothpaste; Toothbrush; Vaseline; Zambuck; Sanitary Towels (ladies only). Elderly ladies are often caregivers of teenage children in the community. The blankets and packs were greatly welcomed by the recipients, Alhamdulillah, the distribution took place at the masjid adjacent to the Ima clinic.

DSC04347   DSC04344   DSC04302   DSC04307    DSC04362

Ramadan Distributions – 16th June 2017

Distributions at Pumlani informal settlement in Cape Town on the 16th June 2017.

Alhamdulillah the blankets provided by IMA Relief drive and loaves of bread, butter and cereal supplied by Gift of the Givers were all very warmly welcomed. The heavy rains have affected all the informal settlements in and around Cape Town.

A total of 200 blankets were distributed as per pre-registered list of needy families in the area. More than 300 people gathered and the team did their best to provide at least one item to everyone.

JazaakAllah khairan to all who donated towards this cause, Alhamdulillah. we will continue to assist wherever possible and we encourage your continued support inshaaAllah ameen.

IMG-20170617-WA0050  IMG-20170616-WA0067

IMASA Cape Town Healthy Athletes Screening – 25th May 2017


Cape Town Screening 27th May 2017


IMASA Cape Town Annual Pre-Ramadan Diabetic Programme

Date: 8th & 11th April 2017

Venue: Masjidul Quds – Cape Town

Alhumdulillah, our nurses doing screening and  medical students getting practical training



pre ramadaan screenign three

IMASA Cape Town Branch “Meet & Greet” with Convention 2017 International Guest Speaker

Prof Padela - 4th May Cape Town

Prof Padela - 4th May Cape Town2

Professor Aasim Padela

Professor Aasim Padela


IMASA Cape Town Branch Welcomes Drew University Students – 16th January 2017

Students visits IMASA Langa Clinic

Students visits IMASA Langa Clinic

IMASA celebrates “Pink Hijab Day” – “Breast Cancer Awareness” – 25th October 2016

All praise and thanks is due to the Almighty, and peace and blessings upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

On the 25th October 2016, Voice of the Cape (VOC) in conjunction with Masjidul Quds hosted the Pink Hijab Day, an annual event to raise awareness about breast cancer. 

The Islamic Medical Association Western Cape Branch was invited to present on Breast Cancer Awareness and provide medical assistance with manual breast examinations.

Alhamdullilah, the event had tremendous support! In excess of 800 women filled the masjied to capacity with everyone dressed in stunning hues of pink, looking so serene and beautiful Ma’shAllah!

The programme commenced with an inspiring Thikr by Sheikh Abduragmaan Alexander.  The Qiraah by Hafitha Mariam Gallie was hauntingly beautiful and everyone listened quietly and attentively.

The survivors and families of survivors relayed their personal experiences battling breast cancer and the raw emotions expressed had the audience visibly moved!

Alhamdullilah, the IMASA, with a team of 9 medical volunteers and 2 support staff, screened 95 women who ranged in age from 15 to 77 years of age.

Abnormalities were detected in 6 women.  These women were referred to the Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH) Breast Clinic for further evaluation.  Women meeting the criteria for screening mammograms were referred either privately or to GSH. 

Similarly, last year, 108 women were screened whilst abnormalities were found in 7 women. 2 out of these 7 women were finally diagnosed with cancer. One was a new diagnosis and the other was a recurrence of a previous breast cancer. May the Almighty grant them complete shif’a, AAMEEN.

For some elderly women this awareness programme was the first time they ever had a breast examination; this despite going regularly to the Day Hospital or their GP’s.  Ladies were encouraged to request that at the least, a yearly breast examination is included in their general check-up. 

Our health is an Amaanat, entrusted to us by the Almighty. Women by virtue of their innate compassion and kindness, are able to care for others so unselfishly, often sacrificing caring about themselves. Ladies, please remember to prioritise your health and well-being too!

The early detection of breast cancer cannot be emphasised enough! By the time the tumour is felt as a lump in the breast it has already doubled countless of times. The smaller the size of the tumour, the better the chances of survival and resultant quality of life. Women in whom breast cancer is diagnosed and correctly treated in the early stages have up to an 80% chance of being cancer free 10 years later Alhamdullilah. Early detection definitely saves lives!

I read something profound recently: “CANCER is a WORD, not a SENTENCE” The play on the word sentence can obviously be interpreted in different ways… ”CANCER is not a LIFE SENTENCE”! To me the sentence can be written and completed by us. Our narrative can be a story of Hope, of Courage, of Resilience, of Increased Faith, and of Victory! Victory over Pain, over Fear, over Despair and the ultimate Victory. Victory in the knowledge and complete faith that our forbearance during times of trials and tests, will grant us closeness to our Creator, Alhamdullilah! Let us fight and conquer CANCER together Insha Allah!!

A special thanks goes to Aunty Rhoda of Elegant Muslimah, for so generously donating the stunning abaaya’s to the IMASA volunteers. Shukran to all the volunteers who sacrificed their time to be of assistance at the screening. May you be rewarded abundantly Inshaa Allah. 

May the Almighty accept all our sincere efforts, and allow us to continually strive in service to the Almighty Insha Allah!

  fb_img_1477460640078  20161025_125655  img-20161025-wa0044

IMASA Cape Town – Mandela Day Drive – 18th July 2016

On the 18th July 2016, IMASA Cape Town Branch embarked on its Mandela Day Drive in association with Radio 786 & Zimisile Islamic Society visiting the Beitul Aman Frailcare & Old Age Home in Wynberg. About 60 residents occupy this home of which 90% of them are unable to care for themselves. Dr Irshad Moosa accompanied by Sr Tougheeda Waja Watson, went to do the handover of warm winter bedsheets, white throws for the beds in the sick bay, towels, disposable razors, antiseptic solution, baby powders as well as adult diapers. The gifts were received with warm arms and smiles. Alhumdulillah, a small step towards caring for our elderly.

They further extended their programme to include residents of the township of Langa.  Zimisile Islamic Society invited 100 elderlies from Langa to attend our Saturday morning clinic session where Dr Ferial de Jong, Unani Tibb Doctor, addressed the crowd on “Using our Breathing for Physical and Emotional Wellbeing”. The Langa community conveyed how much it meant to them to have the IMASA in their community and how much especially the elderly was benefitting from the services we provided.

Hygiene packs including: toothbrush, toothpaste, anti-bacterial soap, Zamback, Vaseline, Savlon solution and a face cloth were pre-packed at the IMASA office and sent off to the clinic for distribution with an additional donation of 100 blankets by Zimisile Islamic Society.

 img-20160718-wa0058  _dsc9124  _dsc9113  _dsc9103  img-20160718-wa0059


Managing Diabetes during the month of Ramadhaan

Diabetes is a known killer. It is estimated that 1.2 million died due to diabetes or its complications in 2010 and this figure is expected to rise to 5 million this year. At least 50 million Muslims are living with diabetes, and many want to fast during the Holy month of Ramadaan. There are potential dangers that need to be addressed for them, especially if they use insulin and the Western Cape branch of the IMA embarked on their annual diabetes educational programme which encompassed radio and television programmes as well as mosque talks.

One of these talks was held at Masjidul Quds in Gatesville on the 10th May 2016. This was with the kind involvement of Sheigh Abdurahman Alexander’s Tuesday Morning Ladies Class and close to 1000 attended. The insulin company Eli Lilly also were present with their diabetic educators.

The meeting was commenced with a Thikr and this was followed by a talk by Sheigh Alexander on the benefits of fasting. Dr Junaid Akoojee and Dr Salim Parker then elaborated on the medical aspects of diabetics who wanted to fast during Ramadaan. The benefits and dangers were extensively covered as well as dose adjustments and awareness of the symptoms of hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia.

Salaamah Solomons who is a dietitian, advised the attendees about more prudent eating during Ramadaan as well as generally. Adam Lauria, a professional chef then spoke about healthy cooking and healthier ingredients.

The diabetic educators then attended to small groups and advised those with specific problems on a one on one basis. The meeting was again a resounding success and built on those of the preceding years. May Allah bless those who so willingly gave of their valuable time.  

2016-06-08-photo-00000013  2016-06-08-photo-00000012  2016-06-08-photo-00000011  2016-06-08-photo-00000010  

IMASA Cape Town Branch participates at the Annual Sunfoil Big Walk

IMASA integral to success of Big Walk

The Sunfoil 10km Big Walk held on the 28 February 2016 along the scenic Sea Point promenade was another resounding victory for the walkers and all the volunteer organisations such as the IMA who were involved. More than 20 000 walkers took part in this annual event which raises funds for Red Cross Children’s Hospital and Islamic Library and the IMA was integral to its overwhelming success.

Registration took place for three days prior to the event and the IMA stand was easily the most visited one. The stand was partnered with UCT’s Department of Dietetics who kindly offered the services of their students under the supervision of their lecturers. Six other private dieticians also provided their services and dietary advice as well as body mass index discussions kept them completely occupied. It was concerning that a significant percentage of those assessed were obese and plans are in development to do a formal study next year.

At least three nurses were always at the service of those wanting screening for hypertension and diabetes done during registration. All five hundred glucose strips kindly donated by Homemed, who always assist us at our screening programmes, were used during the registration period! A number of new diabetics were identified and suitably referred.  

The walk itself was staffed by close to 60 volunteers ranging from emergency physicians, general practitioners, ICU and general nurses, physiotherapists and massage therapists. As usual a tent staffed by two doctors and nurses with an ambulance stationed next to it was put up at the half way turnaround mark as well as at the 2.5/7.5 km mark. The rest of the personnel were deployed at the main medical tent at the end point.

The mild weather ensured no major calamity and though close to 200 patients needed assessment, no one needed hospitalisation, a first for the event. The IMA members were kept busy though, from uniting lost children with their anxious parents to putting the smile back onto someone’s face when we handed his lost dentures back to him!

The organisers went out of their way, both on radio and on the day of the event to thank the members of the IMA who every single year for more than a decade unselfishly go out of their way to ensure that the walkers’ health and wellbeing is in the safest and most competent of healing and caring hands. May these types of partnerships continue and flourish, insha-Allah.

big-walk-expo-2016  img_9250   img_9279

IMASA Cape Town Breast Cancer Awareness & Screening Programme – 27th October 2015

All praise and thanks to the Almighty, and peace and blessings on our beloved prophet Mohammed(SAW)

VOC, in celebration of Pink Hijab Day, hosted a “Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening programme” at Masqidul Quds on 27th October 2015.

The IMA [Cape Town Branch] was privileged to collaborate in presenting a short medical talk and providing assistance with the breast screening examinations.

Despite the sweltering 33degree heat, about 1000 women attended the event dressed in their beautiful pink hijaabs, Alhamdullilah.

Sheikh A. Alexander started the proceedings with a short thikr, which heightened the spiritual ambience, infusing the gathering with love, friendship and compassion towards each another.

Speakers (especially the survivors) were truly inspiring! Some of the highlights were: Humairah Jassat, the founder of pink hijaab day, was a young, dynamic, enthusiastic speaker and proponent of breast cancer awareness.

The young survivor, Kauthar Roomaney, gave an insight into her experience with thyroid cancer at the age of 18. Such courage, strength, resilience and deep imaan, left the audience speechless and emotional. She received a deserved standing ovation!

The IMA presented a short talk about it’s national and local projects. The risk factors for and early warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer were explained to the audience.

Pink Drive was also present at the event. They presented a talk about the services they provide to the underprivileged communities. They too assisted with the breast screening examinations.

The diagnosis of breast cancer is fraught with much physical, emotional and psychological turmoil. Treatment also impacts on a women’s sexuality and self-image.

The aim of the breast cancer awareness programme is to empower women, by creating an awareness of the importance of the early detection of breast cancer. The smaller the size of the tumour at diagnosis, the better the chances of survival and resultant quality of life.

About 40% of women will discover a breast lump at some point in their lives. Advise is :DON’T PANIC!! However, consult your doctor immediately. If the lump is confirmed, further tests will be done to determine the nature of the lump. FORTUNATELY, 80% of breast lumps are not cancerous!!

South Africa does not have a breast screening protocol instituted. These are the recommendations:

Have yearly check-ups by your GP or other health practitioner. 2) Perform monthly breast self-examinations 3) Have your routine mammograms done

Upon enquiry from the audience, it was noted that despite knowing the importance of breast self-examinations, very few women were actually performing it regularly! This indicates a dire need for more educational programmes and evaluation of the resistance to self- examination.

  • Mammograms are recommended: Every 2yrs for women over 40yrs Every year for women over 50yrs Those with a positive family history, start 10 yrs prior to the relative’s diagnosis.


The IMA team of 10 volunteers, screened 108 women. A further 70, were screened by Pink Drive. Alhamdullilah women arrived early and patiently awaited their turn. Of the patients screened by the IMA, abnormalities were detected in 7 patients. They were immediately referred to the breast clinic at GSH, or their private doctors.

For some women, shockingly, this was the very first time they had a breast screening examination!!! This is partly due to failure of the Primary Health Care System, to initiate and encourage routine breast examinations as part of the holistic general care of patients.

This awareness programme was truly commendable as a preventative health care initiative, as it targeted more than 1000 women! With the recording by ITV, we endeavour to reach and educate many more!

We’re very grateful to the VOC for allowing us this opportunity, and endeavour to host many more such programmes on a regular basis insha Allah

We make duaa that it benefitted and empowered many women insha Allah.

A special thanks to Aunty Rhoda of Elegant Muslimah, who so graciously donated the beautiful abayas and scarves to the IMA volunteers.

We are grateful to all our medical volunteers who sacrificed their time. May the Almighty allow us to always remain in servitude and gratitude to HIM Insha Allah.

AUTHOR: Dr Nafisa Khan [GP, Private Practice Hanover Park Cape Town]


IMG-20151027-WA0001   FB_IMG_1445959275864-1    Cape Town Breast Cancer Awareness programme Oct 2015   IMG-20151027-WA0005

IMASA Cape Town Branch – Ramadhaan 2015

The Western Cape Branch of the IMA was  approached by both Cape Town radio stations, Voice of the Cape (VOC) and Radio 786, to do Ramadaan programmes. Both radio stations had their medical programmes on Monday evenings at the same time! But as always there were enough volunteers around and the programmes were very well received. In fact, on VOC the questions received via sms within 15 minutes were more than what could have been answered within the 90 minutes allocated.

On one programme there were 62 questions received via the sms line! What was evident throughout, was the desire by our senior citizens to fast despite a multitude of medical conditions. The IMA has a long standing approach of considering our Deen, our patients and our duty as medical carers as a holistic entity and advising accordingly. Our approach was to ascertain what the callers were going to do first. In one case an 80 year old insulin dependent diabetic was going to fast no matter what our advice was going to be. A high handed instruction of warning her not to fast would have had no impact and alternate approaches were used.

The topic most frequently asked about by the engaging listeners was related to diabetes, especially those on insulin. Many of the more common conditions, such as asthma, heart disease and hypertension were covered and their relationship with fasting explained. Fasting in children and pregnant women were other areas that were extensively explored. Other common themes what were raised were of ladies using contraception to delay their ghaid so that they can fast for one continuous month, and of how to adjust the doses of medications that are used three times to a twice a day schedule.

As always the positive aspects of fasting were emphasised. Time was spent on encouraging smokers to start detoxifying and coping strategies explained. It was always attempted to incorporate the benefits of fasting on the medical, spiritual, psychological and social fronts when questions were addressed. Medical aspects of Hajj were covered by the IMA during two large seminars on Hajj during Ramadaan as well. The one was at Al Quds Mosque in Gatesville and wa attended by a few hundred people. The second was for one of the largest South African Hajj groups. On both occasions medical advice was integrated with Quranic and Sunnah evidence, again using the IMA’s holistic approach. Further programmes are planned for the period leading up to the departure of of all those who have been extended the invitation to perform the fifth pillar of Islam.    

Dr Salim Parker

IMASA Cape Town Branch to host students from Drew University [USA]


IMASA Cape Town Basic Life Support CPR Workshop

IMASA Cape Town hosted 2 Basic Life Support CPR Workshops on 14th and 21st March 2015. The workshop was conducted by Professional Emergency Care facilitators. 15 CPD’s were accredited for the course which included an examination. Delegates needed to obtain an 85% pass to qualify for entry to the Advanced Life Support Course. All attendees were very enthusiastic and the course was very well received. The Advanced Course would be offered in due course. IMASA congratulates all who participated in this course, well done! 

Melomed  Hospital Holdings are commended for their continued support and for providing the venue and catering, Alhamdulillah. 

cpr pic 1   cpr pic 4    cpr pic 2

Medical Screening At Big Walk [Cape Town] – 01st March 2015


The Big Walk took place on the 1st March 2015 and close to 20 000 participants again eagerly took part in this annual community event raising funds for Red Cross Childrens’ Hospital and Islamic Library.

The IMASA [Cape Town Branch] was again instrumental in providing medical services for one of Cape Town’s three iconic events; the City of Cape Town officially placing it in the same category as the Two Oceans Marathon and the Cape Argus Cycle Tour. 

During the three day registration drive preceding the event, IMA members, which included teams of Doctors, Nurses and Dieticians, did basic screening on a few hundred eager potential walkers. Blood pressure measurement, glucose testing and body mass index calculations were done and counselling provided where appropriate. A number of newly diagnosed or poorly controlled diabetics and hypertensive patients were identified.  

At the Big Walk itself the IMA had over 40 volunteers, including Emergency Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists. Two small tents were manned by personnel along the route. Each of these tents had an ambulance stationed next to it with one of the ambulances in fact required early on to transport a collapsed non-responsive walker to hospital. Most of the IMA volunteers were stationed at the main tent at the finish point. Cases seen included a number of hypotensive collapses, severe bronchospasm requiring oxygen, and one convulsing patient. The main tent had all modern equipment, including a defibrillator and advanced portable monitoring equipment. Even a golf cart capable of transporting stretchered patients was available and was extremely useful in the hot and humid conditions. 

A total of 201 cases were seen, mostly minor issues.

For the IMA members there were periods of intense hard work but there was abundant time to meet up with old friends, socialise a bit and network.

We thank them for their unselfish efforts.

May Allah reward them for always availing themselves for these types of community events.  

Doctors, nurses and dietitians in attendance at the   registration drive2

Doctors, Nurses & Dieticians in attendance at the registration


Over 20 000 participants

IMA members attending to a walker struck by a vehicle5

IMA Members attending to a walker struck by a vehicle


IMASA Cape Town Annual Graduation Dinner ’14

Our Annual Graduation Dinner was held on Tuesday, 2nd December 2014 at Islamia College Hall in Lansdowne.

Alhamdulillah, we welcomed 70 new healthcare professionals into the fraternity including Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Dieticians, Nurses, Paramedics. We also had specialists in the field of Nephrology, Rheumatology, Maxillo Facial Radiography and Professional Nursing. A warm congratulations to one and all including the parents and those who supported our newly qualified professionals. Mubarak, may Allah grant them success in their future endeavours and may they be granted the hidaayat, patience and strength to uphold the Oath at all times, inshaa’Allah. 

Dr Salim Parker was our main speaker and he inspired everyone with his “End of Life & Life Ending Journeys”, talk. The challenges the Ulema [Learned Scholars] and Healthcare Professionals face when advising a terminally ill patient wishing to undertake Hajj or Umrah.  

UWC, Pharmacy Graduate, Basel Agbari, gave the audience some insight into the latest happenings in Palestine and the challenges our brothers and sisters face on a daily basis.  He also conveyed his appreciation for the opportunity he was afforded via the Al Aqsa Foundation to be able to study at a reputable university in South Africa and how very proud he was to have successfully completed his degree, Alhamdulillah. 

Elegante Catering did a superb job of keeping the taste buds tantalized with scrumptious foods and a beautiful setting of a candle-lit dinner. Zerina Sablay (physiotherapist and singer), provided light entertainment which was enjoyed by all. At least 350 people attended the event, Alhamdulillah. 

Our sincere gratitude to PPS our main sponsor, our thanks to all other sponsors including LA Sonday Insurance and Melomed Private Hospitals. 

The organizing committee were commended for a job well done!!

_DSC1543  _DSC1561  _DSC1586  _DSC1604  Pic2  Pic3

Ethics Seminar – 01st November 2014

Hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

Sponsored by: PPS & Profmed

100 delegates were pre-registered and in full attendance. 

Our guest speakers and topics included:

  • Three Decades of Gay Rights: What have we learned- by Advocate Moulana Yaaseen Abass
  • Ethics: Principles & Practice – Prof Mohamed Coovadia
  • Ethical Dilemmas of Medical/Expert Reports – Dr Imthiaz Hoosen
  • Humanitarian Relief: Value of Collaboration – Dr Ashraf Jedaar

_DSC9821 _DSC9860  _DSC9863_DSC9864  Pic6  Pic8

Breast Cancer Screening Programme – 08th October 2014

]IMASA Cape Town Branch hosted a “Breast Cancer Screening Awareness Programme “on Saturday 08th October 2014 @ Habibia Primary School

Informative talks and manual screening…


_DSC7241  _DSC7239  _DSC7244  _DSC7255




Introductory Breakfast for Healthcare Professional Students – 2014


IMA Western Cape Branch hosted an Introductory Breakfast for Healthcare Professional Students, Sunday, 7th September 2014 at Spur in Vangate Mall.


At least 55 students attended the early morning gathering. All major campuses were represented covering Medical schools of Stellenbosch and UCT, Paramedics from UWC and CPUT. We also had some engineering and computer science students who formed part of the MSA. The students were introduced to IMASA with an overview of our national projects and events including the Islamic Hospital and Conventions. They were encouraged to get involved with local activities and national networking.

Circumcisions and Langa Clinic were emphasised as Western Cape’s flagship projects with great opportunity to learn and gain hands on experience. The event was well attended and the scrumptious meal prepared by Spur formed part of a very well balanced Sunday morning breakfast…steak, eggs and koeksisters!! Yum!!

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr Liaquit Sonday (Golden Feather Spur) for hosting the event on behalf of the IMA. Also to all students and executive members for attending.

We look forward to working with our younglings in taking on the reigns in future to furthering the objectives of the IMA.

We also wish them every success in their upcoming examinations.


3B. Cptwn  3A.Cptwn  WCape Breakfast Sept 2014 (2)




Health Awareness CPD Seminar – 07th June 2014

Cptwn H&W Seminar1 






Cptwn H&W Seminar2

IMASA [Cape Twn Branch] Wellness CPD Seminar was held on Saturday, 07th June 2014   From Couch Potato to Elite Athlete – the title stirred interest and although 43 people eventually participated, others showed great interest too. Our special thanks goes to Melomed Private Hospitals for providing the venue and catering.  

_DSC9155  _DSC9153 (1) 

Pre-Ramadhaan Health Awareness Programme 2014

dr akoojee at press conference  media conference 3 june dr parker's presentation at press conference


A Press Conference was held at the MJC office on Monday, 3rd June 2014, to launch the Pre-Ramadaan Health Awareness Programme. A collaborative effort by Muslim Judicial Council, IMASA W.Cape and Eli Lilly Corporate. Members of the press were present – ITV, Muslim Views, VOC, Die Burger. Various ulema also attended so as to communicate the message to the masses. 4 masaajied were earmarked to host the clinics in the following areas: Gatesville, Bo Kaap, Cravenby and Lentegeur.   

Pre-Ramdhaan Health Awareness Clinics

IMASA Western Cape was  also commended for the involvement in the MJC Ramadaan outreach programmes over the past few years at the various masaajied.The MJC were enthusiastic to continue to work together with IMASA on future health awareness programmes.  A regular monthly meeting with ulema was held for the entire Cape region and IMASA was invited to give input via this medium to enhancing the health and wellness of our communities Inshaa’Allah.   An overview of the significance of Ramadaan was rendered by Sheikh Fattaar. Drs Junaid Akoojee and Salim Parker then gave the medical and health aspects pertaining to the health and wellbeing of the fasting patient. Eli Lilly presented the Conversational Maps for Diabetics during Ramadaan.


Gatesville Mosque Pre Ramadhaan Clinic was held on Tuesday, 4th June 2014   The morning class with Sheikh Alexander was opened with duah and Quran.  Dr Salim Parker [IMA] then gave an informative talk about the DO’s and DON’T’s in preparing for Ramadhaan as well as the benefits of fasting.  It was felt that educating the mothers / wives was pertinent as the dietary habits were largely influenced by the foods were are presented with in the home / work environment. Furthermore that the elderly patients who intended to fast, should try to have a family member live with them during the day to monitor that their sugar levels do not drop to a dangerously low level. . 156 ladies aged 28yr – 78yrs were screened.  Dr Salim Parker was available to give in depth advice to patients who needed extra care.  Newly diagnosed patients as well as patients who were already on diabetic control medication were also advised to speak with the Lilly Diabetic Educators who gave insightful advice.   The ladies were very thankful for the service that was offered to them, Alhamdulillah. We acknowledge all the nursing and other staff who so enthusiastically volunteered their time at the various clinics.   At Awwal Masjid Pre Ramadhaan Clinic was held on Wednesday, 5th June 2014   Dr Junaid Akoojee attended to the patients at that session. And 74 patients were screened. At Craveby & Lentegeur Masaajied – +- 80 patients were screened at each venue on Saturday, 14th June 2014

ladies in queue at screening clinic



Circumcision Clinic

The Circumcision Clinic under the supervision of Dr Zainul Parker continues on a once a month basis at Dr Parker’s rooms. About 15 patients, mainly children and about 4-5 adults are seen per session. Follow ups are done at the doctors rooms. Muslim Hands conducts the screening of the patients’ financial and social needs and also transports them to the venue. A fee of R50 per person is paid towards the consumables. Any further requests for circumcisions would flow through the system via Muslim Hands.

Langa Clinic

Langa Clinic has been running well every Saturday for 3 years now, Alhamdulillah. Securing volunteers to service the clinic is difficult. We do have a few regular GP’s namely Dr Osman Brey, Dr Shamim Sonday, Dr A.K. Sablay, Dr Shamsuddin Imamdin who service the clinic regularly and we sincerely appreciate their contribution and continued support. It would be great if every single member in the Cape Town region would be willing to contribute just 2 hours per year. This would certainly allow us to conduct our clinic without any difficulty. Sr Roegaya Adjerhan is still doing a sterling job of running the clinic on a weekly basis. Students are invited to assist and learn under the supervision of the GP.

imacapetown02 imacapetown03 imacapetown04 imacapetown05 imacapetown06 imacapetown07 imacapetown08 imacapetown09 imacapetown10 imacapetown11 imacapetown12

MAP Western Cape

Western Cape remains supportive of the activities of Muslim Aids Programme. Joint meetings will be held henceforth. A nursing sister has been employed on a weekly basis to do HCT screening at the Langa Clinic.

Big Walk Expo / Screening

The IMA Cape Town Branch did not participate in the medical standby of the Annual 10km Big Walk this year due to technical difficulties. However, our dedicated teams still provided support to the masses who attended the 2 day expo at College of Cape Town, Kromboom Campus on 28th February and 1st March 2014. Nursing staff supervised by Dr Imamdin, provided free BP and glucose screening to participants and patients were then referred to our team of dieticians who provided relevant nutritional counseling and guidance. Sincere thanks to the volunteer nursing and dietetics teams for their selfless contributions. We acknowledge with thanks HomeMed via Eli Lilly who provided the testing equipment for the screening.

imacapetown13 imacapetown14

2014 CPD Schedule

>     1st March 2014:  Topic – Occupational Medicine – was hosted at Groote Schuur hospital and we had 33 attendees, Alhamdulillah.

>     7th June 2014: Topic – Allergies.

>    16th August 2014: Topic – Health & Wellness.

>     1st November 2014: Topic – Ethics.

Breast Cancer Awareness Programme

Planned for 18th October 2014.

2013 Graduation

The IMA Western Cape successfully hosted 400 delegates on Wednesday, 27th November 2013 at Islamia College Hall in Lansdowne. They welcomed to the healthcare fraternity new dentists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, a natural medicine practitioner, pharmacists, doctors, as undergraduates with a total of 60 delegates from University of Western Cape, University of Cape Town, College of Nursing and Stellenbosch University attended. The evening was opened by Hafeez Umer Agherdien and the MC provided the audience with an overview of IMA activities and projects. Graduates were honoured in their various groups with our respected elders, Prof Mohamed Coovadia and Dr Fahmi Williams congratulating them individually.

imacapetown15 imacapetown16 imacapetown17

Donations (Banking Details)

IMASA Cape Town Branch:

>     Name of Bank: ABSA

>     Name of Account: IMA CAPE TOWN 

>     Account No: 102 439 0779 

>     Branch & Code: Claremont – 632005 

>     Ref: Langa Clinic / Langa Mosque / Other

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