IMASA Cape Town Branch CME – Informative Living

The IMA Western Cape in collaboration with Al Ikhlaas Academia Library hosted a CPD Accredited Ethics Seminar entitled: Transformative Living, on Saturday, 26th May 2018 10th Ramadaan 1439.

Our guest speaker was Imam Afroz Allie, who hails from Sydney, Australia. Afroz Ali had been a scholar in Islamic sciences and had established educational facilities globally. He has also taught consecutively over 7 years at the yearly Deen Intensive Program. He has lectured on Islam as well its perspectives on the environment, economics, ethics, leadership and various other topics in academic university settings as well as in Traditional Islamic learning programs.

He explained that Psychology as a science had a primary objective of understanding human nature and ethical living. Its modern application was often only addressed in therapy and healing, yet its overriding source of benefit was in nurturing wellbeing that would result in a sound society. Human nature was not only a study for psychology, but also for moral ethics.

This “Power of Purpose” seminar addressed such an overriding benefit, by introducing key concepts on how our very existence was founded on purpose (Maqsad), that we all were unique individuals and endowed with particular blessings seen in our character traits, that if discovered, nurtured and lived, we could pursue a life of ethical living through the best versions (Ihsan) of ourselves.

Imam Afroz delivered a very eloquent inspiring talk and entertained question and answers at the end his presentation. The workshop was well attended by IMA members as well as other professionals, Alhamdulillah.

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