The Fordsburg Muslim Youth Organization fondly referred to as FMYO was founded in 1959 by the late Moosa Laher and his friends. What started as friends pooling their zakaah money together at Main Grocers in Fordsburg has evolved into a National group of volunteers who largely assist in the Burial sector. 

Although the core responsibility became the management of burials, maintenance of qabrastans and social welfare, a gap was identified in the medical supply sector.

In 2019, the Medical supply division was launched. With the growing need for short term usage of medical equipment, FMYO Medical  has been a pioneer in pro bono loaning. We distribute hospital beds, drip stands, wheelchairs, commodes, walkers, bath seats and O2 concentrators.

With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, oxygen concentrators were sourced and currently FMYO proudly owns  in excess of 130 units. 

The second wave brought on an unprecedented demand for concentrators, particularly in the Eastern and Western Cape. We launched those divisions late in 2020.

With our dedicated  medical review team, we distribute much needed o2 concentrators to patients affected by the virus. 

Our review team consists  of Dr Hussein Pahad (pulmonologist), Dr Shoyab Wadee (nephrologist) and Dr Ismail Mitha (Trial Specialist). To safeguard our patients well being, these doctors review scripts sent to us. Each case is assessed independently and we pass on recommendations to the family. Often through our team, patients are referred to hospitals as home care is not in their best interest. 

We could never have anticipated the impact of the Delta variant in Gauteng. Coupled with the closure of Charlotte Maxeke (Jhb Gen) and an already over stretched health care system, Johannesburg is in uncharted waters. Over the last few weeks we set up a temporary structure at Helen Joseph Hospital to attempt to alleviate some of the pressure on the Emergency Department. 

As an organisation, we try to focus our help in the more disadvantaged sector, to people with little or no access to healthcare. As a result, the crippling effect of Charlotte’s closure was made apparent by our patients that eventually needed hospitalisation. Hearing that close to 70 odd patients sit outside ED waiting to be attended made us wonder if it was at all possible to assist in the public sector. We knew that a tent facility was set up on KZN in the second wave. Fortunately MfH, NMJ and CSN offered some assistance. Dr Shoyab Wadee then facilitated the meetings with key staff at Helen Joseph and the project was born. 

This is by no means the end of this plan. We are hoping to roll out at minimum 1 more facility at Lakeview. With the partnerships that we already have in place with IMA (Islamic Medical Association), we have the capacity to staff and get the facility operational. With HJ our partnerships included Muslims for Humanity, Caring Sisters Network, Islamic Medical Association, Willowton Group, Standard Bank and Investec. 

Our role in medical supplies has been completely non discriminatory as we see this as a small form of dawaah. 

FMYO….. serving you since 1959

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