AWQAF SA partnered with IMASA Jhb Branch in the Frailcare Services provided:

X6 volunteers successfully completed an Advanced Training Course with St John’s Ambulance SA. They have also committed to a minimum of 4 hours per week of voluntary service to provide much needed care to the elderly and frail in our society.

IMASA Johannesburg Branch have received generous sponsorships for their training and equipment from AWQAF SA, alhamdulillah. AWQAF has also indicated that they would like to see a frail care center being established in the near future Inshaa-allah

DarusShifa (The Abode of Care, Love & Healing). Awqaf SA aims to develop various DarusShifa centres that will provide services to the aged, frail, and also to other special facilities for children an women. Inshallah.

For this to materialise we need the support of the broader community, business, and government.

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