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The Islamic Medical Association of South Africa has been in existence for over 30 years. The Convention has been an annual event and has become a family orientated event with the convention catering both for the academic and spiritual needs of the members. International speakers are sought for both their academic and Islamic knowledge.

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A tribute to Dr Masood Tar-Mahomed

Masood is like the Labbaik of the IMA – he’s there, he’s present.’                                                                    Dr Shoyab Wadee at the IMASA Conference 2018

Following his birth in Pietermaritzburg, Masood spent his infancy in the little town of Brits in the North West until his    family left for Johannesburg in pursuit of brighter opportunities. Most of his childhood was spent between Fietas where his single mother raised the family after the premature death of his father and Mia’s Farm. He relocated to Lenasia during the Group Areas Act and the Forced Removals of the apartheid era. Here he lived with his family the latter part of his life, leaving behind a beautiful wife, 4 sons , a daughter in-law and his beloved mother whom he had been taking care of just before he passed away.

Despite the many odds he had had to face, Masood managed to acquire a degree in medicine. Closely mentored by Dr Abu Baker Asvat his political and social awareness was kindled and he went on to become a healer to a great number of  people. He served for decades at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, simultaneously running his own practice in the semi-rural community in Eikenhof and thereafter in the industrial area of Booysens where he practiced for the bulk of his lifetime.

Above his professional endeavours, he was actively involved in many organisations. During his youth and before the  dismantlement of apartheid, he played a backstage role in the struggle for freedom, working alongside the likes of Don Mattera at the Community Awareness Theatre. He voluntarily co-hosted the Khutba Focus talk show on the radio station; The Voice. He also participated in the Transvaal Medical Society,  Islamic Research Centre, and Writers’ Forum, amongst others.   He was a man of very few words and a lot of action,  never hesitating to be present and always ready to put his shoulder to the wheel.  His involvement and contributions to the community, friends and family was not spoken of but the impact he had made became apparent after his passing when people expressed their appreciation and the affection for him. 

Up until his death, he volunteered his time unhesitatingly as an Executive member of the Memon Association of South Africa, which primarily raises funds for higher education as this was one of his passions and concerns for the youth. He was a volunteer at the Sultan Bahu Centre, an organization that runs numerous charitable projects under Sufi Tariqa, where he introduced an initiative that provided the needy with free cataract operations in collaboration with IMASA. A stalwart member of  the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa, always involved in community work and outreach programmes, giving back to the community and sharing his medical expertise on a voluntary basis. For the past few years, we had nominated him for the Lifetime Achievement Award at IMASA events and he humbly declined. Alhumdulillah, this year he accepted and  shyly received the award at the 38th Annual Gala Dinner not able to express himself in public but definitely leaving us awe of his beautiful character. Anyone acquainted with him will testify to his unwavering humility, passionate generosity and unapologetic radical thought. This tribute in itself is paradoxical seeing as Masood accepted applause only reluctantly, but there is much to be shared and learnt from his life.

DR MASOOD TAR-MAHOMED WITH DR SHOYAB WADEE, RECEIVING THE LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD AT THE 38TH ANNUAL IMASA CONVENTION IN APRIL 2018 Abdullah Bin Masood [RA] narrates: Rasulullah [SAW] once asked the Sahaabah [RA]; “Should I not tell you about the one from whom Jahannam is forbidden? It is forbidden for every such person who treats people with kindness and sympathy” TIRMIDHI 2488








































Every act of goodwill he had  committed was rooted in the sincere consciousness of Allah and a deep love of Rasoolullah (SAW). He        understood perfectly well that what mattered most was that what was necessary got done, not who took the credit for it, and truly, what his one hand gave his other hand never knew about.

May Allah grant him the highest stages of Jannah. Ameen












Dr Masood Tar-Mohamed, may Allah SWT be pleased with him and grant him Jannat ul Firdous. AAMEEN. May Allah grant his family and his Mother Sabr-e-Jameel.

A humble Allah’s Banda. He spent part of his early years in Brits (also my home town). His two uncles Adam and Yunus were well known in our small town. Masood had a slot on ” Radio Voice” where he spoke on the Beloved Rasul SAW and truly followed his example in his humble way. His involvement in IMA Gauteng and IMASA as a Treasurer and committed Executive Member was unwavering. He was always present at our IMA Screening programmes and any IMASA events and meetings.

Masood Tar-Mohamed epitomised an excellent, caring Muslim Health Professional. His shy smile, a known trait to all who knew him and a deserving servant of Allah SWT to be honoured at our most recent Convention Alhumdulillah. May Allah fill his Qabr with Noor and may we all take lesson from his exemplary life.

I only wish I had come to know him better and visited him prior to his demise.                                                                      Dr Ebrahim Mahomed [IMA Westrand Branch    Chairman]


Dr Masood was an exemplary person in many ways. His love for the beloved Nabi Muhammad SAW was indicative of his world view and lifestyle. He displayed the best of character and modesty in his interactions with colleagues, friends and patients. His simplicity in approach towards anyone was that of thoughtfulness and sincere consideration. He struck a balance between work and social commitments. He strove his utmost to accommodate whoever required his time and assistance. He fulfilled his commitment to the community unconditionally. Compassion and compromise were the hallmarks of his response with a trademark grin on his countenance that simply implied: “I will do for you for the Pleasure of the ALMIGHTY”. His ultimate achievements were a sense of   contentment and satisfaction with what he could deliver: big or small. He remained a family man throughout leaving a legacy of goodness and respectful progeny that many aspire to. His uncompromising and principled code of conduct is an example to all who crossed his path in some way or another.. He valued his time spent for the higher purpose of the Hereafter. His daily work routine clearly displayed his approach to the Dunya to be limited at most times for what is necessary. Dr Masood was a humble, fantastic and wonderful brother who will be remembered and missed by all that loved and befriended him.MA SHA A ALLAH…..MAY ALLAH GRANT Him JANNATUL FIRDOUS AND SABR Jameel to his family.                                                                                                            Dr Yakub Moosa Essack [IMASA President]


It was with great sorrow an heartache that I received the news of the passing away of our brother Dr Masood         Tar-Mahomed. In my life there are people who have left a deep impression and Masood was one of them. Generous in spirit and humble and good humoured.  He was ever present when he was needed. Often traveling alone to and from Lenasia for meetings and other events he never complained and never refused a duty. We will miss him sorely at our regular meetings and screenings.
Masood was an example of dedication and care to all who met him and we pray that Allah SWTreward him with the highest stages of Jannah.  AAMEEN.                                                                                                                                                  Dr Shoyab Wadee [IMASA Vice President]


We have lost a great servant of Medicine and Islam. A humble soul who touched many hearts. He lived his life with a calm demeanour and never raised his voice, was always smiling and always assisted when asked. A real soldier of Islam. He leaves behind his wife, sons, friends and many good memories.

On behalf of the IMA Johannesburg Branch where Dr Masood Tar-Mohammed served as an Executive Member and member for life, we have lost a friend and wish that Allah SWT grants him the Highest stage in Jannah AAMEEN.

He worked at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto and    practices in Eikenhof and Booysens. He will be missed by Colleagues and the many patients he treated.

He contributed to community involvement with the Sultan Bahu Centre and was instrumental in working with the free      cataract operations in     collaboration with IMASA. We wish that Allah inspires us all with his qualities of being a steadfast community worker, passionate, humble and of good and sincere character.                                         Dr Ahmed Vachiat [IMA Jhb Branch Chairman]




Convention 2018 Feedback PART 9


The Annual Gala Dinner took place at the Wanderers Conference Centre Ballroom on Saturday the 28th April 2018 with the theme being: “City of Gold “ with a breath taking setting and scrumptious meals served by Unusual Caterers & Décor.

With close to 450 guests addressed by dynamic and well-known speakers such as; Mr Wadah Khanfar & Mufti Ismail Menk commencing with a welcome from our vibrant MC; Mr Shaheen Hoosen and a beautiful rendition of Qiraat by Qari Hussein Kazi.

Sponsored gifts  from Standard Bank SA were given to lucky guests throughout the evening and IMASA gifted each of the Guests with travelling musallas and Islamic literature.

The evening ended with well deserved awards given to Dr Yakub Moosa Essack who was elected as the new President of IMASA and Dr Masood Tarmahomed who sadly passed away on the day of Eidul Fitr in June 2018. May Allah [SWT] grant him Jannatoel Firdaus AAMEEN.

Event sponsored by Gulf Medical University





Convention 2018 Feedback PART 8


The sponsorship of Corporate Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Exhibitors and Advertisers plays a huge role in the success of such an event. Many of whom are regular supporters of our Annual Conferences, other IMASA projects and events. We would like to acknowledge and thank each and every Partner who offers this consistent support and to any new Partners, we hope that your objectives for participating and expectations were met.

THANK YOU to: Standard Bank of SA Ltd, Gulf Medical University, OASIS Group Holdings, Oethmaan Bioisms, Vodacom, 27four Investment Managers, Ahmed Alkadi Private Hospital, AWQAF SA, E-md Technologies, MEDIS, Palestine Information Network, PIMA-SA, Baitul Hikmah, Accord Healthcare, Sun Pharma, Khalees Fabrics,       Crosby Medical & Aesthetic Centre, My Online Souk, Value Linens & Fabrics, Homespun, Pop Vintage, Farida C, Ibn Sina Institute of TBB, PPS, ECI, Adinal Capital Partner, Asad Ameen Company, AMKA Products, BioArt Fertility Centre, Lancet Laboratories, Dr Zaheer Laher, Faaizah Asmal Laher, Dr Haroun Ahmed, Cape Fertility Clinic, Epson Motors, Mintys Tyres, Concordia Medical Supplies, Africa Muslims Agency, Restore Waters, Eldo Coaches, Dr Ibrahim Moosajee, Asthma Clinic, Malls Tiles, MAG MAN Autospares, Mr Adil Saloojee, Dr Akhter Goolam Mahomed, Dr Taheera Hassim, Ethiqal Medical Risk Protection, Dr Naeem Moosa, Dr Tikly, Mr Abubakr  Hamdani, Mr Shafiq Cassim, Masons, Al Dental, Danker Lenses, Hoya Optical, Magnifident, CC, ITV Networks, Myobrace, Optical Alliance, Osmans Optical, Colgate, Genop Healthcare & Wright Milners.



Convention 2018 Feedback PART 7




Convention 2018 Feedback PART 6

Spouse Program

Many of the spouses are non-medical and prefer a program of interest and relatable to them. Our aim this year was to meet these expectations by putting together talks, workshops and displays starting with our Friday session called; Beauty: Inside-Out, with talks on inner beauty such as Emotional Intelligence and Positive Self Esteem. This was followed by a talk on Fashion Trends by fashion blogger, Tasneem Valley. This session was complimented with a few pop-up stalls. Other sessions included Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and discussed aspects of Mental Health, Positive Sexuality and Breast Health. Ladies were also enlightened with a session called Homerun, that had talks on healthy eating and fitness. A delicious  Something Cheesy” session educated delegates on the use of various cheeses in a practical demo.  Presenters from various fields;  Psychiatrists, Podiatrists, Dieticians, Lawyers etc addressed the delegates in the Spouse Program providing them with a platform for discussions, Q & A’s as well as elaborating on some very interesting topics. Our guest speaker; Sr Salatu Sule also addressed the ladies elaborating on the  Islamic Rights in Marriage.


Jumuah Lecture was performed at the Wanderers Club venue on Friday, 27th April 2018 lead by Sheikh Salama Sayed — “Role of a Medical Practitioner in Da’wah”










































































Since 2012, the  CPR Training Workshop  has become part of the Convention program when hosted in Gauteng and  is   always well  a Moola, Shokat Ali Khan, the Jooma Family &  the rest of the team . This training is offered at various institutes and masaajied  throughout the year in and around Gauteng under the banner of IMASA since 2014. After successfully completing the 1 and half hour training, each delegate would receive a certificate of attendance and completion.  Delegates included the Youth, Students and Spouses and even though many of the Delegates had already done the course at previous conventions, the refreshers course was well received.

This year we included the Quraan Workshop facilitated by Mr Ashraf Elfar as well as the Wound Care Workshop, facilitated by Nurses: Sr Liz Wilson & Sr Lizl Naude.





Convention 2018 Feedback PART 5

Student Program

This Student Program proved to be an  overwhelming success and gave a platform to Health Science students from across disciplines such as Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (etc), from            universities across South Africa. Students came together as a team to learn and discuss current affairs and matters in the field of healthcare.

The Student Program ran parallel and intergrated with the main programs and was well attended by both medical and non-medical students alike. The program consisted of dynamic speakers who catered for students’ academic and spiritual needs. Students were fortunate enough to have the honour of learning and engaging with international speakers such as Sheikh Lemu, Sister Salatu Sule and Mr Ashraf Elfar. The session with Sheikh Lemu stood our particularly for students who were reminded that Islam is for every generation and fits with every profession. The program also gave students a platform to be speakers themselves, sharing topics they found pertinent with their peers. Allied Students such as Chiropractors and Homeopaths presented to mainstream Medical students in order to facilitate better understanding of what these professions consist of. Discussions, brainstorms and debates ensued which created a mixing pot of diverse thought, perspectives and ideas.

Throughout the program students gained skills such as CPR and were equipped for public speaking and overcoming personal challenges as Health Care students and future health professionals. The interaction between students and senior health professionals and community activists definitely provides admirable role models for the future flag bearers of the IMA.

New friendships were formed and old friends from around South Africa (such as those students from the IMA student Wings who travelled together to Turkey last year) were excited to meet again. An international student and FIMA Camp friend from Somalia also attended!

This student convention – with its audience of medical, non-medical, local and international students together with its  terrific program has definitely set the stage for future IMA student conventions. As students bid farewell on the night of the Gala Dinner – it was bitter sweet – as old and new friends said goodbye Each student was filled with determination of the type of change they’d like to bring – together – through healthcare.

The student convention overall displayed a network of young minds aiming towards a positive future for healthcare.   Contact details were exchanged, problems were raised, solutions were discussed and a way forward was planned on how students can contribute and become active, meaningful members of society and work with IMASA to the     benefit of our communities.










































































































Convention 2018 Feedback PART 4

Youth Program

Our Youth had a robust   program with both fun-filled and skills-related sessions. Their programs included talks by young successful entrepreneurs, social media advantages and disadvantages and discussions around how it is affecting and impacting on todays youth. The program included a workshop and interactive discussion regards “Being a Cool Muslim.”

They also partook in a mini MasterChef  activity on the premises. The activity included an ‘ingredient-hunt’ and some cool 12-minute crumpets!

With close to 30 Youth in attendance, the enthusiasm and excitement were abuzz in the venue both with the Youth constantly on the go and utilizing different venues to complete their activities.

A special thank you to our team of facilitators led by the vibrant Team Leader; Sabiha who ensured that our Youth were thoroughly entertained and taken care of throughout the course of their program.

Many of these Youth have formed friendships over the years at these Conventions and some of whom has grown into successful young adults, now attending the University Student Program as well as participating in the coordinating process of this event. Proudly known as the IMASA babies and continuing to build on lifelong friendships.



Convention 2018 Feedback PART 3

Kiddies  Program

This year’ s Kiddies Program was facilitated by a vibrant team of young entrepreneurs led by Ayesha Delmeida ensuring at all times that the kids were fully entertained with plenty of fun which involved; arts & crafts , creative tasks and a variety of fun games.

With over 30 kiddies registered, this was a busy and enjoyable 2 days for them whilst parents could attend any talks without having to worry about their kids. So much so that many parents had to beg their children to leave with them at the end of the conference.

Entertainment included a soccer match at Discovery Soccer Park and enjoying the outdoors whilst making new friends. The evenings ended off with popcorn and a movie night. With plenty of gifts and artwork to take home the kids seemed to have had a splendid time.

We would like to thank our energetic and dedicated team who made it easier for our Delegates to enjoy the conference as many of the parents are deprived from attending conferences out of concern as to how they would keep the little ones occupied or overseen the duration of the conference.



Convention 2018 Feedback PART 2

Integrated Sessions / Allied Program

For the first time, the IMASA  convention hosted an integrated program suitable for ALL medical professionals, especially suited for ALLIED Health Workers. These sessions were themed in areas of Technology, Early     Childhood Intervention and Celebrating the Elderly. Our Technology session commenced with a talk on Verification of Information from an Islamic perspective by Sheikh Lemu. The session also discussed challenges and changes faced at a tertiary level with regard to technology. The ECI session included talks on Early Detection of Focal Seizures, as well as research articles in the field of ECI and it’s challenges. Celebrating the Elderly was well received with various talks regarding nutrition, prescribing medication and the Role of Caregivers in the Elderly. Etiquettes of dealing with the Elderly was an interesting and refreshing talk presented by Sheikh Salem Salama.

We had close to sixty [60]  registered Allied Professionals who attended our convention this year, a first for IMASA… We hope this is the beginning of more   Allieds become actively involved in the number of projects and programmes coordinated by IMASA and focussing and assisting the IMASA  to reach the vast database of Allieds in South Africa and benefitting them through the organization. 



Convention 2018 Feedback PART 1


The IMASA Convention 2018 was without a doubt a memorable event, hosted in Gauteng at the Wanderers Club Conference Centre on the 27th & 28th April 2018 Robust and exhilarating with the calibre of talks presented and   breaking boundaries in many ways. This years conference offered X16 Clinics & X3 Ethics points for 2 full days of conferencing.                                                                                                   

Our international guests; Sheikh Nuruddeen Lemu and his wife Sr  Salatu Sule from Nigeria were exceptional and invigorating in all of their talks, often presenting to fully packed venues. A dynamic couple with outstanding qualities, beautiful characters and true humility, blessed with an extensive amount of Islamic knowledge and             Academic excellence. The presentations, discussions and interaction with Sheikh Lemu & Sr Sule left the Delegates spiritually uplifted, well informed and wanting more.

This year’s Academic Program commences with a beautiful Quraan recital from Qari Zakaria Tamimu followed by a number of excellent local speakers  focussing on a variety of interesting and thought-provoking medical related topics and catering for Dental, Optometry and Allied Health Professionals. Our theme being: “Discovering the Muslim Health Professional” aimed at tapping into the spiritual development and well-being of our Health Professionals and discussing many other topics of interest such as the latest technological advances, medical progress in healthcare and transformations facing our tertiary institutions.                                                                                                                   

We were honoured to host close to eighty speakers and facilitators contributing to a wide array of topics and workshops. A number of ethical issues and controversial topics were raised and these discussions provided insight and allowed a platform for debate, bringing light to many of these topics and riveting discussions and positive input from our Delegates.

IMASA Convention 2018 Theme: “Rediscovering the Muslim Health Professional”



























































A special THANK YOU to all our Speakers

Between the many talks and workshops much fun and laughter was enjoyed with the Saturday morning breakfast     workshop facilitated by: Ragiema Thokan Mahomed bringing all the delegates to show case their very own song and hakka dance.







Convention 2018


IMASA Conventions has hosted world-renowned International Guest Speakers and Local Guest Speakers from both medical and Islamic backgrounds.

The event provides a platform for academic and social interaction between Muslim Healthcare Professionals and their family members. The programme ranges from Medical & Ethics Talks earning a substantial amount of CPD points for each Healthcare Professional in attendance as well as other programmes especially coordinated to keep our non-medical delegates occupied the duration of the Conference.

We are expecting delegates from various faculties such as General Practitioners, Dentists, Pharmacists, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals [Optometrists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Nurses etc including Medical & Health Science Students.


Identifying the challenges in educating Health Professionals & developing strategies & recommendations to solve these challenges.

Brainstorming strategies to address challenges in curriculum, student assessments, teaching & learning.

Exploring technological advances, health care reform, accreditations & social accountability.

Define professionalism and how to develop it.

Addressing the dropping standards of teaching & training.

Ensuring a high level of competency during student years to qualifying.

Striving to be the best in our field and maintaining high standards when providing medical care to humanity. 

This conference will take place on the Friday [27th April 2018 -Public Holiday] & Saturday [28th April 2018] at the Wanderers Club Conference Centre in Illovo Johannesburg.



Mr. Muhammad Nuruddeen Lemu is the Director of Research and Training at the Da’wah Institute of Nigeria (DIN), Islamic Education Trust (IET) in Minna, Nigeria. He develops, facilitates and conducts train-the-trainers courses in enhancing inter-faith dialogue and engagement, intra-faith cooperation, responding to various forms of religious extremism among Muslims, and promoting faith-based critical thinking (“Shari’ah Intelligence”).

He is a Director of several organizations including: Lotus Capital (Halal Investments) Limited, the Development Initiative of West Africa (DIWA), and a co-founder of the Inter-Faith Activity and Partnership for Peace (IFAPP). He holds various positions on a number of other organisations that focus on issues related to social welfare, government policy, education, sustainable development, environment, leadership, family life, youth empowerment and gender equity.  

Mr. Lemu has trained and given talks to students, lecturers, youth and community leaders in over 30 countries, and he has moderated, presented and produced more than two hundred radio and television programmes. Nearly half of these have been on interfaith bridge-building and engagement (the IFAPP’s “Inter-Faith Forum”) aired on the African International Television (AIT) and Ray Power Radio. He was also nominated by the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) to represent the Nigerian Muslim Leadership at the National Conference (CONFAB 2014).

He is a Fellow of Aspen Leadership Institute (ALI) and member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN), Colorado, USA; a Fellow of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID), Vienna, Austria, and of the Africa Leadership Initiative – West Africa (ALIWA). He holds a MSc. in Resource Management from Edinburgh University, UK, and a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.

His personal motto is “Growth and contribution with compassion, wisdom, faith and fun”


Guest Speaker: Sr Salatu Sule

Salatu Sule is a Nigerian, born in 1976. She is a Barrister who holds an LLB and a B.L. from the University of Benin and the Nigerian Law School respectively. She is a graduate of the Cambridge Educational Leadership Programme, and has attended the Cross-cultural Internship Programme in Germany, sponsored by German Government. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in Nigeria, and a Director of NandS Works Limited, a company that focuses on human resource development.

She is the Vice Principal of New Horizons College, one of the schools established by the Islamic Education Trust (IET), Minna. She is also a member of the Islamic Orientation Board of the IET; a member of the IET Schools Inspection Team; Lead Teacher of Islamic Perspectives, a subject specially designed by B. Aisha Lemu; International Trainer/Facilitator, Train-the-Trainers Course in Islam and Dialogue for the Da’wah Institute of Nigeria; Resource Person for a number of NGOs including the International Board for Education, Research and Resources (IBERR), and the Association of Islamic Model Schools (AMIS); Editor for the publications of the Da’wah Institute of Nigeria; writer, Sisters Magazine.

She is an international speaker/trainer and a presenter on several national television stations in Nigeria. Her presentations are usually on topics related to marriage, parenting, family life, gender equity, misconceptions about Islam, youth challenges, spiritual growth and personal development, education and communication, conflict management, public speaking skills, Human Resource Management and leadership. Her trainees and audience have ranged from teenagers to Imams, academics and professionals.

She was, at various times, the Public Relations Officer and then the Assistant Amirah (President) of the Muslim Students Society (University of Benin Branch), and the Welfare Officer of the Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN).

Prior to her appointment as the Vice Principal, she was the Hostel Warden for the Girls Hostel then she was appointed as the Assistant Hostel Administrator, a position which she still maintains. In all of these capacities, she has served as a Youth Counsellor and a Personal Development and Leadership Counsellor/Coach.

Her hobbies include writing and reading.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening – 28th April 2018

Former Director-General of the Al Jazeera Networks, he is currently President of Al Sharq Forum, an independent international network with a mission to develop long-term strategies to ensure the political stability an economic prosperity of the Arab world and the region.  Mr Khanfar is also president and co-founder of Common Action Forum, a transnational, non-profit organization with the mission to establish and encourage independent platforms of cooperation, research, innovation and advisory in order to shape alternative solutions and empower global citizens to address today’s challenges.

In addition, he is a board member of the International Crisis Group and the Global Editors Network (GEN). Mr. Khanfar has been named as one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 global thinkers of 2011, as well as one of Fast Company’s ‘Most Creative People in Business’ of the year.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening – 28th April 2018

Ismail ibn Musa Menk, also known as Mufti Menk (born on 27 June 1975), is a Muslim cleric and Grand Mufti of Zimbabwe.  Menk was born in Harare, where he undertook his initial studies. He obtained a degree in Shariah Law from the Islamic University of Madinah.

He works for the Zimbabwe Council of Islamic Scholars (Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe), which caters to the educational needs of the Muslim population of Zimbabwe. Menk is known especially in eastern Africa and also teaches internationally. He has pledged his aid in curbing religious extremism in the Maldives.

Menk was honoured with an Honorary Doctorate of Social Guidance by Aldersgate College, Philippines and its collaborative partner Aldersgate College – Dublin, Ireland on 16 April 2016.

KSBEA 2015 Awards – Global Leadership Award in Social Guidance was awarded by the Cochin Herald. 


Congratulation to the Winner of the Convention 2018 THEME: Ms Hawabibi Vawda 




Convention 2017 Feedback

This year’s convention was indeed an interactive, engaging and inspiring one with over 300 delegates, which included Medical, Allieds, Students, Spouses, Youth and kids of various age groups. Attendance of International and National delegates together with dynamic speakers resulting in an unparalleled success.

18198423_728189900695007_264154440744222938_n   Coastlands Hires EXT-9566AL  18198317_728189960695001_8951812631360738430_n

We were honoured to host our International Guest Speaker, Professor Aasim Ilyas Padela who hails from America and is currently based at the University of Chicago. Professor Padela consummate academic with vast experience and qualifications in Emergency Medicine, Medical Ethics, Healthcare Research and he is the Director of the Initiative on Islam & Medicine. He shared his knowledge, experience and learnings that could further be explored in South Africa.


Prof Aasim Ilyas Padela & Convenors: Mr Solly Suleman & Mrs Yasiera M. Suliman

The 2-day Conference was preceded by the 92nd IMASA Council Meeting which took place on Friday, the 28th April 2017; sponsored and hosted at the Ahmed Alkadi Private Hospital. This meeting was convened to report back on the national activities represented by Executive Members from IMASA Main and Sub-Branches all over South Africa.

IMG-20170428-WA0021   IMG-20170428-WA0023  IMG-20170428-WA0025

That evening Council Members and delegates shared a proud moment in the history of IMASA with the Ahmed Alkadi Unveling as well as the official launch of the Hospital. The dinner was attended by +- 500 guests including representatives from various corporate companies and Shareholders taking in the grand décor and mouthwatering, scrumptious catering by the Chef of Ahmed Alkadi and his team.

18198238_728196384027692_5659943478387187041_n  18198409_728195767361087_7608672171072120521_n   18268281_728196784027652_8197316320600011302_n




The convention programme was quite intensive and catered for the various fields; including supported academic programmes for Doctors, a full 2 day conference for Dental delegates, parallel sessions for Optometrists and other Allied Health Professionals. In addition to the medical programme, we use this opportunity to not only network with fellow Health Professionals but to include family members, whereby co-ordinating special programmes aimed at keeping the students, spouses, youth and little ones occupied and stimulated throughout the period of the conference.

IMG-20170429-WA0006  DSC00018  DSC09843  DSC09850  DSC09813  DSC09853 

The plenary session consisted of both Local and International speakers. Prof Padela initiated the session with his talk on ‘Three Maladies of Healthcare.” He elaborated on the critique of modern medicine followed by a vision for its remedy. Dr Anban Pillay, Deputy Director General for Health Regulation and Compliance spoke on “’Healthcare Harnessing – A shared responsibility – Public & Private Sector.’’   Mr M. T. Sokucu, another international guest from Turkey, provided the audience with details on the Turkish Healthcare Model and key success points. Dr Anushka Coovadia, shared the success and learnings of the healthcare environment across various countries. \The session concluded with Dr Ozayr Mahomed’s talk regards “Healthcare Inequalities- Whose Responsibility?” . He discussed the South African data and demonstrated the progress that has been made in achieving select public health gains. Dr Mahomed highlighted that Health inequalities DO exist and needs to be addressed by tackling the root cause, addressing the social, cultural, economic and historical inequalities themselves. This set the tone for deliverance of our theme, leaving the delegates excited to see what the rest of the programme had instore.

Delegates not only enjoyed delicious treats and traditional meals during their lunch and tea breaks but also got to interact and socialize with fellow colleagues and life long friends at the social events such as; Beach Walks, the Annual Gala Dinner and the Braai.

Many of delegates especially those from out of town, eagerly gathered in the foyer after Fajr Salaah to participate in the daily beach walks. With a breathe taking sunrise, peaceful sound of the waves, fresh morning air and wonderful company whilst strolling on the beach adding to the memorable experience of this wonderful event.


Left to Right: Dr Mohammed Mayat, Dr Imraan Khan, Dr Mohamed Ismail Mulla & Prof Anwar Hoosen

DSC00005    DSC00008  DSC00010    

The Gala Dinner took place on Saturday the 29th April 2017 themed: “Shades of the Ocean” with a number of guests and addresses by International Guest Speaker: Prof Aasim Ilyas Padela, Mr Imraan Noorbhai [Standard Bank – Main Sponsor] & Mr Ebrahim Rawoot [Oasis – Sponsor].

DSC09882  DSC09890  DSC09973   DSC09971  DSC09969

The evening ended with a well-deserved acknowledgement of Project Manager—Suraiya Vaizie, who had had been with the Ahmed Alkadi Hospital Project since its inception and has been one of the driving forces behind its successful completion. The contributions and sacrifices made by her and her loved ones definitely will reap its rewards as this hospital continues to prosper in the future In Sha Allah. May you be blessed with only good in this World and the Hereafter AAMEEN


Suraiya Vaizie with Husband; Imran Vaizie


Prof GM Hoosen handing over “Long Service & Dedication Award” to IMASA Staff Member; Mahroon Sadeck


Prof GM Hoosen handing over “Long Service & Dedication Award” to IMASA Staff Member; Fahiem Mahomed


Unique to the convention was the national strategic workshop facilitated by Mr Vernon Solomon, which took place on Monday the 01st May 2017. The purpose of this workshop was 2fold; 1] Identifying the key learnings from the convention and 2] to chart the consensus action plan for the IMASA journey ahead!!!!!!The discussions were beneficial and detailed and we hope to improve our services moving forward.

20170501_093841  20170501_093825 

This event takes a lot of planning, time and effort , not to mention the support of our Sponsors who acknowledges the good work done by IMASA. An opportunity presented to them to interact with our delegates as well as promote their products and services.

We wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to those Sponsors who have consistently been supporting and attending our Conventions and we hope that those who have recently partnered with us, benefit from that which we offer and will continue supporting us in the years to come.

A Convention of such high caliber cannot be achieved without our Partners and deliverance of our services and projects are solely dependent on your support. THANK YOU!




Address by Mr Imran Noorbhai




Address by Mr Thumbay Moideen




Address by Mr Ebrahim Rawoot


















CONGRATULATIONS TO: Zeenath Khan – winner of a hamper sponsored by Standard Bank & Dr Khadija Akoojee – winner of a laptop sponsored by E-md Technologies

IMASA launched its new IMASA Mobile APP at this years convention and the following people received a surprise gift being the first 20 to DOWNLOAD the APP.

Winners: Ashraf Soomra,  Ismail Rawat, Mohammed Moosajee, Dawood Agjee, Yacoob Vahed, Mohamed Raiman, M. I. Moosa, Faiza Dangor, Shoyab Wadee, Riaz ismail,  Zaheer Essop, Sumaiya Khan, Zakariya Peer, Tabassum Hoorzook, Tasneem Ebrahim, Ayesha Khan, A.B. Mahomed, Farouk Khan, Umar Farooq Bapeekee & Ebrahim Ahmed Vahed

Final Mobile APP Poster

Last but not least, thank you to the dedicated Convention Teams who takes on this task every year and never fail to make it a huge success ALHUMDULILLAH.

Convention 2017 Committee: Solly Suleman [Convenor], Yasiera M. Suliman [Convenor], Zohra M. Khan, Dr M.C. Solwa,  Zeenath Khan,   Sabera Asmal,  Ayesha Mahomed,  Sensei Fareed Ansary,  Mrs Fathima Mayat,   Mrs Hawa Patel,   Dr M. Mayet, Dr M. Vahed, Hawa Bibi Vawda, Fathima Abdullah, Shirin Cassim, Mahroon Sadeck,  Zaakira Ismail, Fahiem Mahomed, Davinia Moola, Khashiefa Martin & Tougheeda Watson Waja

   DSC00123      DSC00132  IMG-20170429-WA0044





































Convention 2017

The Islamic Medical Association Of South Africa [IMASA]

invites you to our

37th Annual Medical Convention

IMASA has brought the healthcare fraternity an Annual Convention over the last 36 years, hosting National and International delegates at the event and world-renowned guest speakers from both medical and Islamic background.

This years Theme is: Transformation in Healthcare – Harnessing Partnerships”. The theme relates to Islam, health and the cost of Healthcare in the current economic environment.

DATES: Saturday, 29th & Sunday, 30th April 2017

This event provides medical professionals a platform to earn CPD points as well as programmes specifically hosted to keep their family members entertained and occupied with Spouse Programmes, Student programmes, Youth Camps & Kiddies Programmes.


Indemnity forms can be obtained from our IMASA Durban Office – kindly request once Youth is registered: / 

Youth Programme Advert


VENUE: Coastlands Umhlanga Durban

NOTE: Accommodation bookings to be made directly with the hotel: +27 31 514 6500 / – REF CODE: IMA

Rate Per Night: R1400 – Single / Double – Incl Breakfast for 2 adults per room

Children 0-4yrs – Max 1 sharing with 2 adults per room – FREE

Children 4-18yrs – Max 1 child with 2 adults per room – R400 [Excl Breakfast]

Matresses have to be pre-booked – NO matresses will be available on request upon arrival

BREAKFAST RATE: Children 0-4 Yrs [FREE], 4-12 Yrs [R85], 12-18 Yrs [R170]

Coastlands Hires EXT-9566AL

Coastlands Umhlanga-4760 

Coastlands Umhlanga-5080A




+27 31 207 2250 / /




Dr. Aasim Ilyas Padela; Associate Professor of Medicine, health services researcher, and bioethicist whose scholarship focuses on the intersection of community health, religious tradition, and bioethics.

His empirical research assesses how religion-related factors impact health behaviors and outcomes among American Muslims, and influences the practice of American Muslim physicians.  As a fellow at the non-partisan think-tank the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding and in conjunction with several Muslim community organizations, these data are mobilized towards culturally-tailored healthcare interventions and policy recommendations.

Dr. Padela’s bioethics scholarship explores the ways in which the Islamic tradition and its authorities assess modern biomedicine and biotechnology. A key focus of this research involves exploring how scientific data and ways of knowing can work in concert with traditional Islamic moral reasoning and theology to develop a comprehensive, holistic, and theologically-rooted Islamic bioethics. Towards this end he collaborates with traditional Islamic jurisconsults and Islamic bioethics researchers around the world and co-directed a landmark multidisciplinary conference entitled Where Religion, Bioethics, and Policy Meet: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Islamic Bioethics and End-of-Life Care .

Dr. Padela completed undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Classical Arabic & Literature at the University of Rochester, earned a medical degree from Weill Cornell Medical College, and obtained emergency medicine training at the University of Rochester. From 2008-2011, Dr. Padela was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar at the University of Michigan, where he led a program of community-based participatory research studying American Muslim health behaviors  and healthcare challenges. In 2010, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre of Islamic Studies at Oxford University working on projects related to Islamic moral and theological ethical frameworks. And from 2013 to 2014 he is a Templeton Foundation Faculty Scholar conducting a national survey of Muslim physicians’ bioethical attitudes and experiences with religious discrimination.

Dr. Padela’s scholarship has been featured in multiple media outlets including CNN, the New York Times, the USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, The National, and others.




Convention 2017 Call for Abstracts



Resized Standard Bank











2. 27Four LOGO


Accord corporate logo-01




Lilly Diabetes LOGO JPEG








Convention 2016 Feedback


IMASA has once again hosted a very successful 2 day conference at the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town with a breath taking view of the iconic Table Mountain and the soothing sounds of the   lapping waves providing an attractive backdrop for this year’s event.


View from the Hotel & Conference Centre



A jam-packed and fully CPD accredited programme took place on 30th April 2016 and the 01st May 2016 hosted by the IMA Cape Town Branch. This year’s theme being; “Integrative Healthcare—Holistic, Ethical, Spiritual” covered a number of academic presentations and  discussions quite comprehensively. Another aspect which makes the IMASA conference unique is the presentations by various and well-known Islamic scholars who elaborate on the spiritual uplfitment of  oneself.                                                                

Over 250 delegates, including; spouses, students, youth and kids under the age of 10 years got to enjoy a programme put together with thorough preparation and consideration from the convention committee ensuring that each and every delegate was catered for and occupied with something of interest.


Medical Talks


Tea Breaks during sessions








Our International Guest Speaker; Sheikh Mirza Yawar Baig and local Guest Speaker; Dr Razeen Gopal provided excellent talks and workshops that kept the delegates riveted and fully engaged. The rest of the academic programme was made up of equally dynamic local speakers with interesting topics and numerous parallel workshops and plenary sessions which were of a very high standard and enjoyed by our delegates.


Sheikh Mirza Yawar Baig


Dr Razeen Gopal


Prof S. Methar


Lt Col Eave

A full day separate Dental Programme was offered over the 2 days with a very clinical and practically directed session, which was well received by the many dental delegates in attendance.


Dental Session

Four medical students from the Gauteng region were   selected this year as representatives of the IMA Johannesburg Student Wing. The aim is to groom them for the future roles they would play in the organization and as Muslim Hea Professionals in society. The exposure to such conferences and IMA outreach programmes instils in them the confidence to be active members and the proud flag bearers of IMASA. Besides attending various medical talks during the convention, the students were fortunate to sit in the company of the Honourable, Sheikh Mirza Yawar Baig who facilitated an interesting Marriage Workshop. Their participation and eagerness is admirable and we are excited to build stronger relations with MSA so that in future the student programmes can be of benefit to many more medical students nationally Inshaa Allah.

A special thank you to AWQAF SA & members of IMASA Johannesburg Branch who generously sponsored our students and who acknowledges the need for our younger generation to be given these opportunities where they are able to be a part of the broader medical fraternity before graduating.

Students at convention

From Left: Naeema Hussein Elkout, Yushraa Pochee, Naeem Shaik & Hafiz Mahomed Seedat

The Youth Camp was based at the Seaside Cottages Resort situated on the beachfront of Fish Hoek.              

Mr Muneer Dalwai and his team who are avid hikers, were very enthusiastic to engage on our youth holistically, Alhumdulillah. The             programme involved day hikes and trips to nearby Simons Town & Cape Point. Many of our youth who have been attending this event annually have gained life-time friendships over the years and are usually very excited to attend and rekindle those friendships and to spend quality time catching up since the last convention.

The younger delegates ages 4-10yrs were kept occupied and entertained through out the day with various activities such as: action ball etc. The weather conditions were very conducive to having the kids out on the beachfront for some fun in the sun!!!


Kiddies Activities

Our exhibitors were setup in the atrium where coffee and tea was being served during tea breaks. All the delegates were encouraged to visit the exhibition stands as part of the Conference House Rules.


Ahmed Alkadi Private Hsptl


Africa Muslims Agency


E-md Technologies


Eli Lilly


Novo Nordisk


Accord Healthcare


27four Investment Managers



A special thank you to our Main Sponsor: OASIS Group Holdings [Pty] Ltd.



It is tradition to host a splendid Gala Dinner at each convention where delegates get to dress smart, enjoy a lovely meal with special Guest Speakers and get to socialize with colleagues and friends.


Drumming Session at the Gala Dinner

This year’s event had some very memorable moments with the Lifetime Award presented to Dr Kassim from Zimbabwe; a Stalwart member of IMASA who has but only missed one convention from the 36 hosted. We make dua Allah [SWT] grant him the strength and health to continue honouring us with his presence at   future conventions Inshaa Allah.

Dr Kassim Pic

Dr Kassim from Zimbabwe






























A special acknowledgement was made to our very first staff member   of IMASA, Sr Shirin Cassim. 25 years later she continues to play a vital role in the everyday running of IMASA and remains dedicated and loyal to the needs of the organization. We make dua that Allah [SWT] rewards you abundantly Dunya, Qabr & Aaghirah and that the years ahead may be just as fruitful and fulfilling as the many years you have committed to us AAMEEN. Our appreciation cannot be expressed with words only, however our duas will continue to be with you and your family.


From Left: Suraiya Vaizie, Shirin Cassim & Khashiefa Martin

The convention indeed allowed family, friends and colleagues to re-connect and interact. It again provided the delegates with the opportunity to improve their knowledge base within an Islamic ethos and with Islamic values as its core.


From Left: MI Moosa, Salim Parker, Aziza Essack & Shamsuddin Imamdin


Shirin Cassim & Ebrahim Khan




Shoyab Wadee & Nazreen Motara


Nadia Kana & Yumna Mahomed


Fahmeeda Moosa, Fatima Moosajee & Mohammed Moosajee

beach walkm 2106

Post Fajr Walk on the beach


Election of new NEC at the IMASA AGM 2016

On the 01st May 2016, our outgoing President; Dr Riaz Ismail and the rest of the IMASA National Executive; Dr Shamsuddin Imamdin and Ms Shabnim Parker thanked the members for their support over the past 2 years and handed over the reigns to the newly elected NEC. We would like to thank the past NEC for all the hard work they have put in to ensure the smooth running of the organization and the sterling work they have done.

Past IMASA President

Riaz Ismail



















The newly elected NEC as follows:

  • President: Solly Suleman
  • Vice President: Ebrahim GM   Hoosen
  • Secretary: Muhammed Imraan Khan
  • Ass Secretary: M. Raiman
  • Treasurer: Mohammed Ebrahim Mayet
  • Ass Treasurer: Ebrahim Khan
Solly Suleman3

Solly Suleman
























Thank you to our working committee at the IMASA Cape Town Branch who worked tirelessly to ensure that the convention was a huge success and that all the delegates were pleased on their return home.



IMASA 2016 Convention Committee






Convention 2016

IMASA Western Cape Branch is proud to announce that they will be hosting the 36th Annual Convention 2016 on

DATES: Saturday 30th April 2016 & Sunday 1st May 2016

The event attracts +- 300 delegates including family members from all parts of South Africa and hosts both local and international speakers. The convention is certified by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) which allows Medical Professionals to earn CPD points. It provides the platform for both academic and social interaction between healthcare professionals and their families.

Our theme for the upcoming convention is:

Integrated Healthcare, Ethical, Spiritual, Holistic” The Context :

The WHO gives the following definition: Integrated care is a concept bringing together inputs, delivery, management and organization of services related to diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation and health promotion. Integration is a means to improve services in relation to access, quality, user satisfaction and efficiency. 

The ideal health system would take into account all the above-mentioned factors. It is a worldwide trend in health care reforms and new organizational arrangements focussing on more co-ordinated and integrated forms of care provision. Distinction is also made between horizontal integration (linking similar levels of care, e.g. multi-professional teams) and vertical integration (linking different levels of care, e.g. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care).

In their translation of the Quanun (Canon) of Avicenna Abu-Asab and Micozzi state that the Canon is not merely a medical history of its time, but rather a basis for understanding human health and disease in an integral, panoramic approach. In our era of reductionistic medicine and thinking, the need for an integrative medical model, to balance the reductionistic modern medical paradigm, cannot be overstated. This further goes to show that Intergrated healthcare has an Islamic basis. Islam further is based on ethical and spiritual practice of professions, medicine being one of them.

Taking all this into account, the spectrum of papers that can speak to the theme is vast and can cover a range of topics. This is the essence of an IMASA Convention.

ALL THIS will be hosted at the beautiful conferencing & accommodation  facilities of Lagoon Beach Hotel, Milnerton in Cape Town.




Author, Life Coach, Corporate Consultant, specializing in Leadership Development helping technical specialists transition into Management and Leadership roles. He believes that we need to learn to take charge of our own destinies and not wait for others to decide how we should live. He draws on his extensive experience of over 28 years in consulting with Multinational Corporations, Government and business entrepreneurs on 3 continents where he’s taught more than 200,000 managers, administrators, teachers, technologists and clergy on 3 continents. He combines Eastern values with Western systems to transcend cultural boundaries. Yawar’s style reflects openness, commitment to quality and value-based professionalism. Yawar speaks five languages. He writes blogs, articles and books focusing on applying learning to create models of excellence.


Razeen Gopal Pic

Dr Razeen Gopal received the MBChB and MMed(Int Med) degrees in medicine and internal medicine, with honours, through the University of Stellenbosch and subsequently subspecialised in Cardiology, obtaining the College of Medicine’s Certification in Cardiology through Cardiac Clinic and Groote Schuur in 2004.

After a highly successful stint in private practise as a general and interventional cardiologist he decided to follow his passion and superspecialise, for the past 4 years, as an Electrophysiologist (EP) (a doctor specialising in the treatment of heart rhythm disorders as well as devices used in their therapy such as defibrillators and heart resynchronising pacemakers) in leading centres in Europe and the UK. Initially embarking on his fellowship at the University of Gasthuisberg in Leuven, Belgium, he trained in classical EP under the directorship of Prof Hein Heidbuchel (a prodigy of the great Sunny Jackman). Following this, he moved to St Bartholomews in London, where he was mentored by the world-reknowned Prof Richard Schilling, one of the pioneers of electro-anatomical mapping. St Bartholomews runs one of the largest and busiest electrophysiology units in Western Europe, especially with regards to complex ablation, such as ablation for atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia.

Dr Gopal has written a number of articles for journals and has a special interest in under and postgraduate teaching and various aspects of cardiac research. He has been invited to join the Panorama Heart Unit where he offers a general cardiology and EP service. He travels both internationally and nationally serving as a proctor for the device and EP industry and mentoring both junior doctors and cardiologists on a very regular basis. Currently Razeen remains one of only 2 electrophysiologists in the private sector in the Western Cape offering the full range of complex ablative procedures, catering for a population base in excess of 10 million people, but also receiving regular referrals from within the rest of the country as well as outside of its borders.


Tougheeda Watson Waja:

Tel: 021 762 1414



Night_view_from_hotel  LBH Restaurant - The Brasserie lunch - 6  LBH Conference rooms - Atlantic - 2  Lagoon beach hotel 2013-0675 Lagoon View  Lagoon Beach Pic1


Convention 2016 Programme1  Convention 2016 Programme2   Convention 2016 Programme3


Kiddies Programme1



Youth Programme1Youth Programme2




Convention 2015 Feedback


The 35th Annual IMASA Convention was held at Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Gauteng on the 25th and 26th April 2015. The IMASA Johannesburg Branch had been preparing for over a year to host and provide an educational programme and a spiritual revival.

 The theme of the Convention was Non-Communicable Diseases which includes Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Respiratory and Cancer based diseases. Fully CPD Accredited X2 Day Programme : X16 CLINICS, X8 ETHICS & X3 additional for those delegates who did the CPR Training.

20150425_082030   20150425_083420  20150425_083433


Our International Guests for the Convention was Dr Ahsan Arozullah from Chicago, USA. Completing his Internal Medicine, Dr Arozullah went on to complete his Masters in Public Health and has been involved in Islamic and bioethical issues. We enjoyed his interaction and especially treasured his advices at the Gala dinner on “Making the Change”

 Shaykh Mufti Kamaluddin Ahmed, a well respected Islamic Scholar also graduated from Chicago and has a Masters from Oxford. He has travelled to many places and his field of interest is Purification and development (Tazkiyah). We benefitted from his advices and practical approach to keeping things simple and focused. His Tarbiyyah sessions after Fajr as well as his talks during the day attracted many participants. Inshallah we will be able to implement some of the points that were discussed and look forward to further interaction.

Thank you to all the excellent calibre of Local Guest Speakers who addressed the delegates and left them wanting more after informative and beneficial presentations and panel discussions.


20150425_083609   20150425_083627  20150425_122616   20150425_145036    20150425_145222  20150425_145302


We would like to thank the following Committee Members for all their hard work and support in making this event a successful and memorable one:

Yumna Mahomed, Dr Ahmed Vachiat, Dr Asma Salloo, Dr Ebrahim Mahomed, Dr Faheema Ismail, Dr Fahmeeda Moosa, Dr Fayyaz Hameed, Dr Fazeela Kader Meeran, Huzaifah Khan, Imran Carrim, Dr Masood Tarmahomed, Dr Mohammed Patel, Nabeela Makda, Hafith Nadeem Ahmed, Dr Nadia Kana, Dr Nazreen Motara, Raeesah Suleman, Dr Shaheda Omar, Dr Shabbir Hussain, Dr Shoyab Wadee, Dr Tasneem Mahomedy, Waheeda Essop, Dr Yakub Essack, Dr Yumna Hassim, Dr Yunoos Omar, Dr Yusuf Ismail Makda, Dr Zaheer Essop, Dr Taheera Hassim & Khashiefa Martin.

A special thanks to committee members of the various branches and Branch Managers: Tougheeda Waja, Shirin Cassim & Zahira Elbe Jones who were always willing to assist.

Thank you to all the sponsors who donated generously towards this event and on whom we can always rely for their support. Their contributions and presence at the conference and in support of all IMASA activities ensures that we can carry on the good work provided in the underprivileged communities.

20150425_091803    20150425_091605   20150425_091611   20150425_091631   20150425_091619    20150425_091719 

Our highlight of the event was the Gala Dinner which took place on Saturday evening, with MC: Mr Ashraf Garda. We would like to congratulate; Dr Suliman Moosa, Dr Shawkat Thokan & Prof Mohammed Tikly who accepted the “IMASA Honorary Awards of 2015”. Men who has selflessly contributed to the work of IMASA for many years and to those less fortunate. We make dua that they will continue making a difference and being a part of this organization AAMEEN.



Riaz Ismail    20150425_223437_Richtone(HDR)   20150425_223724_Richtone(HDR)    20150425_224341   20150425_213043_Richtone(HDR)



Thank you to the Care Givers who took great care and kept the little ones occupied, to the Youth Group & Spouse session Co-ordinators who facilitated excellent programmes and activities and to Prof A. Coovadia and the BLS Instructors who provided us with CRP Training.

20150425_150325   20150425_160347   Paintball2  Paintball1    20150425_160612   








021 762 1414 /









Convention 2015


IMASA [Johannesburg Branch]  



“Saturday – 25th April 2015 & Sunday 26th April 2015”

Our theme for the upcoming convention is: “Sensing the Change”: Non Communicable Diseases in Focus to be hosted at the Birchwood Executive Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Boksburg, Gauteng. 

‘Sensing the Change’: The Context 

South Africa is in the midst of a health transition, which is characterized by the simultaneous occurrence of epidemic infectious diseases (such as HIV and TB), and an increasing burden in non-communicable diseases. 

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease – kills approximately 36 million people per year, with 80% of these deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries. These conditions share common risk factors including tobacco and alcohol use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diets and obesity. 

If current trends continue, NCDs are projected to become the most common causes of death by 2030. According to WHO estimates, the burden from non-communicable disease in South Africa is two to three times higher than those in developed countries, with the heaviest affected being poor communities in urban areas. 

The ‘Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases 2013-2017’, announced by the Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, emphasizes governments commitment to addressing South Africa’s previously under-recognized silent killers. 

The IMASA (Johannesburg Branch) endeavours to play a role in creating awareness, promoting prevention and control of NCDs in our communities, and working towards South Africa’s aim of ‘A long and healthy life for all’.



For more information contact:

Khashiefa Martin / 084 701 3208 / 011 837 6717 /




Ahsan M. Arozullah, MD, MPH Dr. Ahsan Arozullah is a Senior Medical Director and Global Group Lead for the Oncology Therapeutic Area in Global Medical Safety at Astellas Pharma Global Development, based near Chicago, Illinois, USA. Prior to joining Astellas Pharma, he was an Associate Professor in the sections of General Internal Medicine and Health Promotion Research at the University of Illinois Medical School with research interests including the impact of low health literacy and social support on racial/ethnic disparities in healthcare utilization.  Dr. Arozullah is a senior student and member of the board of directors of Darul Qasim, an institute of higher Islamic learning established in 1998 near Chicago, Illinois, USA.  He has partnered with Islamic scholars and other healthcare professionals to describe conceptual frameworks useful for addressing bioethical issues. He also serves as a volunteer physician and a member of the advisory board for the IMAN (Inner-City Muslim Action Network) Health Clinic Initiative, a free health clinic in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood. Dr. Arozullah graduated from Northwestern University Medical School and completed his Residency and Chief Residency in Internal Medicine at Northwestern as well. Following residency training, he completed a General Internal Medicine Fellowship and Master’s in Public Health (MPH) at Harvard University with training in clinical epidemiology and health services research.

Education and Training: Northwestern University Medical School (MD ’92) Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center (Residency) Harvard School of Public Health (Fellowship, MPH ’98)

Areas of Interest: Preoperative Pulmonary Evaluation Health Literacy Social Support Racial Disparities

Recent Publications:

Arozullah AM, Calhoun EA, Wolf M, Finley D, Fitzner KA, Heckinger EA, Gorby NS, Schumock GT, Bennett C. The financial burden of cancer: Estimates from a study of insured women with breast cancer. Journal of Supportive Oncology, 2005; in press.

Moxon D, Raza M, Kenney RE, Arozullah AM, Mason J, Carroll RE. Aging and Tobacco use are linked to the development of aberrant crypt foci in the human colon. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2005; in press.

Wolf M, Davis T, Arozullah AM, Penn R, Arnold C, Sugar M, Bennett C. Relation between literacy and HIV treatment knowledge among patients on HAART regimens. AIDS Care, 2005; in press.

Lee SY, Arozullah AM, Cho YI. Health literacy, social support, and health: A research agenda. Social Science and Medicine, 2004; 58, (7):1309-1321.

Arozullah AM, Khuri SF, Henderson WG, Daley JD. The development and validation of a multifactorial risk index for predicting postoperative pneumonia following major non-cardiac surgery. Annals of Internal Medicine, 2001; 135:847-857.







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2. 27Four LOGO  3. Legae Securities LOGO  Accord corporate logo-01  EMD TECH LOGO   PPS   12. Lakeview Hospital   9. St Jude Medical Amayeza LOGO  11. SANZAF LOGO   10. AWQAF SA LOGO  AMA LOGO






Convention 2014


Asalaam u alaikum.

All praise is due to Allah swt for giving us the opportunity once again and guiding us to host a successful 34th annual convention of the Islamic Medical Association of SA.

Alhamdulillah we were blessed with a phenomenal team of volunteers and staff, that were passionate and results driven, who worked long hours, despite certain challenges, to ensure that all the pieces fitted together for a successful convention.

Our theme Faith , Fitness and Finance was very apt during this period in our lives and in relation to our 20 years of democracy in this country.

Our international guests viz, Imam Afroz Ali and Shayk Kamaluddin Ahmed were brilliant and had our delegates amazed at their knowledge and presentation skills that were thought provoking and mind boggling.

Our local guests including Imam Fuzail Soofie, Dr Mohamed Moosajee and many others were inspirational and informative as well.

The management and staff of the Tsogo Sun Elangeni hotel were very accommodating, hospitable and ensured that all our guests were well catered for and enjoyed their stay over the long weekend.

We had over 250 delegates, spouses, youth, students and children and we extend our thanks appreciation to all of them for ensuring the success of the convention.

We hope that through vigorous marketing and membership recruitment we could influence higher numbers of delegates to attend the 35th convention in Gauteng Inshallah.

It is important for all Muslim health professionals to realise that the Islamic Medical Association is a vehicle to help conscientise ourselves firstly, use our skills to uplift our disadvantaged communities secondly and most importantly do our work for the pleasure of our Creator Allah swt.

The strategic planning session on Thursday 1st May 2014 ably facilitated by Farouk Ebrahim of KPMG, will, we hope chart a way to achieve the aims and objectives and recharge the organisation Inshallah.

We hope that all that attended took something away from this convention and it has and will make a sustainable difference in their lives, their families, benefit their patients and the community at large.


IMASA Convention 2014 Committee

imanationalprojects15 imanationalprojects16 imanationalprojects17 imanationalprojects18 imanationalprojects19 imanationalprojects20 imanationalprojects21 imanationalprojects22 imanationalprojects23

Convention 2013

33rd Annual IMASA Scientific Convention 2013 & FIMA Council Meeting

The IMASA Western Cape Branch hosted the 33rd FIMA Council Meeting (19-20 September) 2013 as well as the FIMA-IMASA Scientific Convention (21-22 September). Despite the many challenges, the small yet dedicated organizing committee expertly chaired by Dr Riaz Ismail & Dr Ashraf Jedaar accomplished a very successful event.

The FIMA council delegates and their spouses were hosted at the Best Western Cape Suites Hotel while official delegates attended the council meeting at the Capetonian Hotel.

The 33rd IMASA Scientific Convention was hosted at the Lord Charles Hotel and Convention Centre in the scenic Somerset West and host to previous conventions.

The theme of the convention was “Quality in Healthcare” and as Convenor [Riaz Ismail] said: “The theme – Quality in Healthcare is an important one, for more often than not, a compromise solution is found between service delivery and the most effective solution. The balance is an important one but should err on the side of quality. The topics chosen tried to strike that balance and gave the delegates the ability to make an informed choice.”

By incorporating the annual FIMA (International Federation of IMAs) an international flavour was added to the convention. A variety of excellent local and international speakers delivered a unique and enlightening experience to all that attended.

imanationalprojects24 imanationalprojects25 imanationalprojects26 imanationalprojects27 imanationalprojects28 imanationalprojects29 imanationalprojects30 imanationalprojects31 imanationalprojects32 imanationalprojects33 imanationalprojects34 imanationalprojects35 imanationalprojects36 imanationalprojects37 imanationalprojects38 imanationalprojects39 imanationalprojects40

Convention 2012

IMASA Tshwane Branch hosted the very successful Annual Convention 2012 at the OR Tambo Birchwood Conference Centre. The conference was well attended and presented international and local guest speakers of a very high calibre. Theme: “From Education To Action” – Accredited 12 ethics points and 17 clinic points.

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Past Conventions

  • 14 – 15 March 1981 – Natal Medical School – Durban: Inaugral Launch of IMA of South Africa
  • 29 – 31 May 1982 Natal Medical School – Durban: No formal theme
  • 21 – 22 May 1983 – Lenasia – Gauteng: No formal theme
  • 06 – 08 April 1984 – Natal Medical School – Durban: Social Illness – Islam a Solution
  • 12 – 14 April 1985  – Cape Town: Islam & Healthcare
  • 14 – 16 March 1986 – Lenasia – Gauteng: Islam & Healthcare 
  • 04 – 06 April 1987 – Natal Medical School – Durban: No formal theme
  • 11 – 13 March 1988 – Cape Town: No formal theme
  • 10 – 12 March 1989 – Roshnee Transvaal: No formal theme 
  • 22 – 24 June 1990  – University of Durban – Westville: Freedom Through Knowledge
  • 31 May – 02 June 1991 – Lenasia – Gauteng: Social Dilemmas in Medicine 
  • 10 – 12 July 1992 – University of Cape Town: For Every Ailment: A Cure 
  • 08 – 11 July 1993 – M.L. Sultan Tech Durban: Islam & Medicine: The Way Forward 
  • 08 – 10 October 1994 – Pretoria: A Mercy Unto All
  • 07 – 09 July 1995 – Cape Technikon – Cape Town: Ethical Issues in Medicine 
  • 04 – 07 July 1996 – University of Natal – Durban: Family Health 
  • 26 – 28 April 1997 – Magaliesburg: Health Challenges 2000 & Beyond 
  • 25 – 27 April 1998 – Cape Technikon – Cape Town: IMA Into Africa 
  • 1999 – Durban: Islam, the Environment & Health 
  • 2000 – Colosseum Hotel Pretoria: Holistic Health 
  • 13 – 15 April 2001 – UCT Middle Campus – Cape Town: Islam & Medicine: Beyond the Constitution 
  • 2002 – Durban: Medical & Ethical Controversies & Challenges 
  • 2003 – Gauteng: Relief & Rehabilitation Challenges 
  • 9 – 11 April 2004 – Lord Charles Hotel – Cape Town: Skills for Life 
  • 2005 – Durban: Morality & Health 
  • 2006 – Riverside Hotel Vandebijlpark Gauteng: Paradigms in Health Care 
  • 06 – 08 April 2007 – Protea Hotel Stellenbosch – Cape Town: Health in Southern Africa – Lifestyle, HIV/AIDS, Technology 
  • 04 – 06 July 2008  – Durban: Unity in Diversity 
  • 25 – 27 April 2009 – Birchwood Hotel – Gauteng: Matters of the Heart (Calibri Reg, 13pt
  • 02 – 04 April 2010 – Lord Charles Hotel – Cape Town: Health is our Amaanah 08 – 10 July 2011 – Coastlands Hotel Umhlanga – Durban: Turning the Tide Towards a Healthy Future
  • 27 – 29 April 2012 – Birchwood Hotel – Pretoria Branch: From Education to Action 
  • 21 – 22 Sept 2013 – Lord Charles Hotel – Cape Town: Quality in Healthcare 
  • 2- 3 May 2014 – Tsogo Sun Elangeni – Durban: Faith, Fitness & Health 
  • 25 – 26 April 2015 – Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre – Jhb Branch – Sensing the change
  • 30 April & 01 May 2016 – Lagoon Beach Hotel Milnerton, Cape Town – Integrated Healthcare, Ethical, Spiritual, Holistic


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