A tribute to Dr Masood Tar-Mahomed

‘Masood is like the Labbaik of the IMA – he’s there, he’s present.’ Dr Shoyab Wadee at the IMASA Conference 2018

Following his birth in Pietermaritzburg, Masood spent his infancy in the little town of Brits in the North West until his family left for Johannesburg in pursuit of brighter opportunities. Most of his childhood was spent between Fietas where his single mother raised the family after the premature death of his father and Mia’s Farm. He relocated to Lenasia during the Group Areas Act and the Forced Removals of the apartheid era. Here he lived with his family the latter part of his life, leaving behind a beautiful wife, 4 sons, a daughter in-law and his beloved mother whom he had been taking care of just before he passed away.

Despite the many odds he had had to face, Masood managed to acquire a degree in medicine. Closely mentored by Dr Abu Baker Asvat his political and social awareness was kindled and he went on to become a healer to a great number of people. He served for decades at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, simultaneously running his own practice in the semi-rural community in Eikenhof and thereafter in the industrial area of Booysens where he practiced for the bulk of his lifetime.

Above his professional endeavours, he was actively involved in many organisations. During his youth andbefore the dismantlement of apartheid, he played a backstage role in the struggle for freedom, working alongside the likes of Don Mattera at the Community Awareness Theatre. He voluntarily co-hosted the Khutba Focus talk show on the radio station; The Voice. He also participated in the Transvaal Medical Society, Islamic Research Centre, and Writers’ Forum, amongst others.

He was a man of very few words and a lot of action, never hesitating to be present and always ready to put his shoulder to the wheel. His involvement and contributions to the community, friends and family was not spoken of but the impact he had made became apparent after his passing when people expressed their appreciation and the affection for him.

Up until his death, he volunteered his time unhesitatingly as an Executive member of the Memon

Association of South Africa, which primarily raises funds for higher education as this was one of his passions and concerns for the youth. He was a volunteer at the Sultan Bahu Centre, an organization that runs numerous charitable projects under Su  Tariqa, where he introduced an initiative that provided the needy with free cataract operations in collaboration with IMASA. A stalwart member of the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa, always involved in community work and outreach programmes, giving back to the community and sharing his medical expertise on a voluntary basis. For the past few years, we had nominated him for the Lifetime Achievement Award at IMASA events and he humbly declined.

Alhumdulillah, this year he accepted and shyly received the award at the 38th Annual Gala Dinner not able to express himself in public but definitely leaving us in awe of his beautiful character. Anyone acquainted with him will testify to his unwavering humility, passionate generosity and unapologetic radical thought. This tribute in itself is paradoxical seeing as Masood accepted applause only reluctantly, but there is much to be shared and learnt from his life.

Every act of goodwill he had committed was rooted in the sincere consciousness of Allah and a deep love of Rasoolullah (SAW). He understood perfectly well that what mattered most was that what was necessary got done, not who took the credit for it, and truly, what his one hand gave his other hand never knew about.

May Allah grant him the highest stages of Jannah. Ameen

Dr Masood Tar-Mohamed, may Allah SWT be pleased with him and grant him Jannat ul Firdous. AAMEEN. May Allah grant his family and his Mother Sabr-e-Jameel.

A humble Allah’s Banda. He spent part of his early years in Brits (also my home town). His two uncles Adam and Yunus were well known in our small town. Masood had a slot on ” Radio Voice” where he spoke on the Beloved Rasul SAW and truly followed his example in his humble way. His involvement in IMA Gauteng and IMASA as a Treasurer and committed Executive Member was unwavering. He was always present at our IMA Screening programmes and any IMASA events and meetings.

Masood Tar-Mohamed epitomised an excellent, caring Muslim Health Professional. His shy smile, a known trait to all who knew him and a deserving servant of Allah SWT to be honoured at our most recent Convention Alhumdulillah. May Allah  ll his Qabr with Noor and may we all take lesson from his exemplary life.

I only wish I had come to know him better and visited him prior to his demise.

Dr Ebrahim Mahomed [IMA Westrand Branch Chairman]

Dr Masood was an exemplary person in many ways. His love for the beloved Nabi Muhammad SAW was indicative of his world view and lifestyle. He displayed the best of character and modesty in his interactions with colleagues, friends and patients. His simplicity in approach towards anyone was that of thoughtfulness and sincere consideration. He struck a balance between work and social commitments. He strove his utmost to accommodate whoever required his time and assistance. He fulfilled his commitment to the community unconditionally. Compassion and compromise were the hallmarks of his response with a trademark grin on his countenance that simply implied: “I will do for you for the Pleasure of the ALMIGHTY”.

His ultimate achievements were a sense of contentment and satisfaction with what he could deliver: big or small. He remained a family man throughout leaving a legacy of goodness and respectful progeny that many aspire to. His uncompromising and principled code of conduct is an example to all who crossed his path in some way or another.. He valued his time spent for the higher purpose of the Hereafter.

His daily work routine clearly displayed his approach to the Dunya to be limited at most times for what is necessary. Dr Masood was a humble, fantastic and wonderful brother who will be remembered and missed by all that loved and befriended him. MA SHA A ALLAH…..MAY ALLAH GRANT Him JANNATUL FIRDOUS AND SABR Jameel to his family.

Dr Yakub Moosa Essack [IMASA President]

It was with great sorrow an heartache that I received the news of the passing away of our brother Dr Masood Tar-Mahomed. In my life there are people who have left a deep impression and Masood was one of them. Generous in spirit and humble and good humoured. He was ever present when he was needed. Often traveling alone to and from Lenasia for meetings and other events he never complained and never refused a duty. We will miss him sorely at our regular meetings and screenings.

Masood was an example of dedication and care to all who met him and we pray that Allah SWTreward him with the highest stages of Jannah. AAMEEN.

Dr Shoyab Wadee [IMASA Vice President]

We have lost a great servant of Medicine and Islam. A humble soul who touched many hearts. He lived his life with a calm demeanour and never raised his voice, was always smiling and always assisted when asked. A real soldier of Islam. He leaves behind his wife, sons, friends and many good memories.

On behalf of the IMA Johannesburg Branch where Dr Masood Tar-Mohammed served as an Executive Member and member for life, we have lost a friend and wish that Allah SWT grants him the Highest stage in Jannah AAMEEN.

He worked at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto and practices in Eikenhof and Booysens. He will be missed by Colleagues and the many patients he treated.

He contributed to community involvement with the Sultan Bahu Centre and was instrumental in working with the free cataract operations in collaboration with IMASA. We wish that Allah inspires us all with his qualities of being a steadfast community worker, passionate, humble and of good and sincere character. Dr Ahmed Vachiat [IMA Jhb Branch Chairman]

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