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Welcome to the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMASA). We are a non-profit, public benefit organisation that provides health and medical care to the disadvantaged and underprivileged communities in South Africa.

IMA South Africa has been around since the 1980's and is a national organization with branches in various parts of the country. As Muslim medical and health professionals we are committed to the values expressed by the Hippocratic Oath and believe that it is our responsibility to serve the community.


National Projects

The IMA is a well-known among government departments especially the Department of Health. Ex minister of health Barbara Hogan said at the IMA convention in 2009; “I must congratulate the IMA for nurturing a culture of professional morality amongst its members. You seek to give expression to the Islamic faith not only through the individual action of your members but also through your collective work as an organization”

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    The Islamic Medical Association has conducted extensive research into Islam...

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    The IMA convention is held annually. The conventions have been known to host world...

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    The IMA has grown in leaps and bounds and has over the years developed into a large...

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    IMASA has representation in medical school and the health science faculties at various...


38TH Annual Convention

IMASA has brought the healthcare fraternity an Annual Convention over the past 37 years, hosting 1000s of National and International delegates at the event and world-renowned guest speakers from both medical and Islamic backgrounds.

This event provides ALL medical professionals with a platform to earn a substantial amount of CPD points, networking with like-minded professionals and programmes specifically co-ordinated and facilitated to keep your family members entertained and occupied.

Exciting programmes such as the Student Programme for any University going students especially those in the Health science faculties, a Spouse Programme, a Youth Programme / Camp [ages ranging from 12 yrs - 17yrs] & a Kiddies Programme [ages ranging from 18yrs upwards].

This year’s theme is "Rediscovering the Muslim Health Professional".

Guest Speaker: Sheikh Muhammad Nuruddeen Lemu from Nigeria

For more information contact IMASA Durban Office:
+27 31 207 2250
+27 31 208 4558


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